A large number of women commit large numbers of mistakes at the time of buying or wearing jewelry items to wear in offices, parties or any other special occasion. In this blog post, we have shared a few of them and the important things to consider at the time of wearing jewelry and avoid the common jewelry mistakes.

Mistake 1-Not Cleaning the Jewelry Properly

If you wear a few of the jewelry pieces daily, you should make sure cleaning them regularly. Pendants, rings and earrings unknowingly harbor dirt and germs or jewelry tends to act as a spreading ground for harmful bacteria. Hence, you have to clean your jewelry items by using warm water. However, you should avoid applying sanitizers, as they can affect the jewelry polish and paint.

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Mistake 2- Fail to Choose a Jewelry Tone to Match your Skin Tone

Many women simply get attracted towards metallic designs and color options while they go to buy a jewelry piece from the market. However, to avoid common jewelry mistakes, you should look for metals and the color combination, which suit your skin tone or appears good on your specific skin tone. If you have warm skin tone, you should look for rose or yellow gold, along with brass and copper color jewelry items. In contrast, women with cool skin tone should buy silver, platinum and gold jewelry pieces.

Mistake 3-Wearing Jewels at the Time of Swimming

One of the common jewelry mistakes is wearing jewelry while swimming or participating in any other water activity. There are many strong reasons, for which you should avoid wearing any piece of jewelry while moving in water. A major reason is that you may easily lose your small jewels at the time of swimming. Moreover, chlorine present in swimming pools causes chemical reactions, which may easily damage your precious metals and gemstones.

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Mistake 4-Mixing Metals without Maintaining a Proper Balance

Gone those days, when you should never mix the metals while wearing jewelry. Instead, today, you can experiment with varieties of metals and that too of different colors. However, the rule here is that you should mix metals until unless they maintain a proper balance. You may even play with different colors of metals, like for instance a combination of gold or rose gold with white metal.

Mistake 5-Not Storing the Jewelry in a Right Way

You should always take proper care of your jewelry items while storing them to avoid any type of damage and discoloration. You should use a separate box equipped with soft line of fabric to store jewelry items to avoid scratches. Other than this, you should look for jewelry boxes, which contain separate spots and dividers, so that you do not need ending up tangling up your delicate jewelry pieces.

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Mistake 6-Pairing Your Jewelry with Wrong Colors

Many women end up wearing jewelry items, which clash with their outfit colors. For instance, pearls on any white-colored kurta or wearing plain gold necklace with any embellished blouse does not match anyway. In this situation, you should plan your look well and experiment with stones and metals of different colors. Especially, you should avoid wearing any ornate pieces with your busy print outfits.

By knowing the aforementioned mistakes to avoid and tips, you will choose the right jewelry to give you a stunning look.