There’s no better way to express your personality than to dress accordingly. Your attire reflects the kind of person you are. While a boho outfit denotes carefree behavior, a formal one looks more serious. Along with the clothes, the accessories you wear also makes a difference. You could be wearing the best dress, but without the right jewelry, it all goes in vain. Whether it’s a classy pendant or a simple choker, every accessory looks alluring when styled properly.

Emerging from the ancient Irish culture, celtic crosses are the trendiest options for men jewelry. You can style the cross in multiple ways. From a formal outfit to a casual one, cross pendants never fail to reflect a classy vibe.

Keep reading to know the fabulous ways in which you can style your celtic crosses.

Keep It Simple With Plain Celtic Cross



The origin of Celtic cross dates back to the time when pagan culture flourished. Being the classy jewelry option for men, cross necklaces are one of their kinds. The jewelry works with any outfit, be it casual or a fancy one. Just a plain white shirt, blue denim, and a silver cross necklace make the perfect attire.

All you need to do is keep the outfit simple. Adding the cross necklace to any attire makes it a perfect one. Start with a leather watch and an attractive Celtic cross. If you feel the need for more, consider adding a gold chain.

Formal Touch With Metallic Silver Cross



Metallic jewelry never goes out of style. Celtic crosses look even better when made with metal. You don’t have to plan the outfits every day to look ravishing. All you need to do is be a little more creative. Instead of opting for a plain cross, go for a metallic one. With a crisp black shirt, gray trousers, and a silver metallic cross pendant, you can rock the event.

In order to create a timeless and classy attire, you can add a few more metallic accessories. Along with the silver Celtic cross, try wearing a Celtic brooch or a metallic watch. You must focus on completing the whole look. Don’t wait, create an eye-catchy look with a metallic cross jewelry today.

Craft An Earthy Look With Wooden Jewelry


In order to make your daily outfit stand out from the rest, you must invest in wooden accessories. When it comes to men, there can be no better wooden jewelry than an earthy Celtic cross. A plain Celtic cross works best with casual outfits. On your beach days, you need to make the outfit a little more natural. With a wooden cross pendant, you can craft a unique yet classy attire.

Wooden jewelry provides a much needed aesthetic vibe. Pair up a floral shirt with plaid shorts and a wooden cross necklace for an Instagram-worthy appeal. You can also wear a hat to keep the sun-rays away. Don’t forget to style your celtic crosses made with wood in the best possible manner.

Add Some Personal Touch To Your Celtic Cross



How many times have you come across men wearing personalized necklaces? Probably not a lot! You can create your own style statement with a personalized Celtic cross. The only thing you need to do is get a name carved cross necklace. You may choose to order one if you want.

The best part about wearing personalized jewelry is that you can wear them anywhere. Be it on the beach, in a meeting or while on a date, personalized necklace works all the time.

Choose The Right Length Of Cross Jewelry



With the right cross accessories, you can transform even a basic outfit into a commendable one. And, celtic crosses are the best accessories for men. While styling the celtic crosses, don’t forget to consider the length.

An 18 to 22 inches long cross necklace only goes up till your collar bone. Such necklaces are good to wear with casual outfits. While wearing a formal outfit, opt for a longer necklace. The ideal length for a formal one is anywhere between 26 to 30 inches. Along with the material, even the length of your Celtic cross matters. So, choose your cross necklace length according to the kind of outfit worn for best results.

Bottom Line

Emerging from the roots of Ireland, the celtic crosses hold immense historical importance. You can find such cross signs even inside an Irish graveyard. History states that the Celtic cross has its origin from the pagan culture. Not just the celtic crosses, even the brooches, and rings are extremely fashionable.

There are no fixed rules on how you can style your celtic crosses. But, it’s always better to wear your accessories in an appreciable manner. While styling the cross necklaces, you must consider the material of the necklace. Further, look out for the right length that suits your personality.