Your complexion says a lot about how you treat it.  The better that you treat your face the more likely it will be that you have beautiful skin. Neglecting your skincare routine, however, will result in frequent breakouts and premature aging.

Since your face is something that you show the world every day, it’s essential that you feel confident about it.  Here are some of the most important things to avoid which will help you to steer clear from skin problems.

Not Applying Sunscreen

A lot of people have the misconception that sunscreen is for sunny days at the beach only.  However, the sunscreen should be applied every single day regardless of where you are and how cloudy it is.

 The sun still emits unhealthy rays despite clouds.  If you go outside at all, you should always apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF or higher on top of your moisturizer.  Some cosmetic products have sunscreen already inside them which helps minimize one extra step from your routine.

DIY Skincare

 While there are some DIY masks and creams which are perfectly fine, there are also plenty that are full of ingredients that aren’t meant to be on your face.  Anytime you start reading a DIY recipe which is full of odd ingredients, or you feel stinging when you apply them, you are probably better off without it.

 Sometimes people apply products like lemon juice to “brighten” the skin, but they end up burning their skin instead. You should probably stick to the experts to make your skincare, or only trust tried and true DIY recipes.

 Using Rough Exfoliants

 Many people think that exfoliating means they have to scrub as hard as possible to reap the maximum benefits.  However, in most cases, the harder you scrub, the more damage you’re doing.

An exfoliant should be applied with light circular scrubs followed by a moisturizer.  Since the skin is quite vulnerable after exfoliating you should avoid heavy products which could cause pain or irritation.  Save those potent products for a day you haven’t exfoliated.

 Sleeping In Your Makeup

 We get it.  At the end of the day sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is washing your face.  You may think it’s harmless to sleep in your makeup, but you’re actually holding your skin back from regenerating itself.

 Nighttime is when the skin reproduces all of its oils and regenerates cells.  You should always go to sleep with a clean slate for your skin to work with.

 Putting Too Many Products on Breakouts

 It’s an all too common scenario that someone gets a blemish and starts applying every possible product in hopes of getting rid of it.

 However, often applying too many things makes your breakout even worse.  Experts recommend avoiding makeup and letting your skin breathe until the breakout passes.