The importance of one’s wedding impacts no one as strongly as the mother of the bride. Your kid may be the one walking down the aisle but it’s your big moment too. And as a mother, you have a big responsibility of looking graceful and age-appropriate. Hence, a lot of factors come into play when finalizing from amongst the mother of the bride dresses.
To aid all the mothers out there, today we will discuss all the important pointers for dress shopping. We will also discuss the importance of the time factor when shopping for mother of the bride dresses.

Guidelines for Shopping for mothers’ dresses

Every mother needs a heads-up while preparing for their child’s wedding. There are a lot of things that go unnoticed which play a pivotal part. Here’s a list of all these much-needed guidelines:

1. The length of the dresses:

No one is asking you to fall into the constraints of age and dress like a nun. However, the length of the dress decides the level of grace you exude. A full-length gown is always beautiful but you don’t want it to be overpowering. Remember, the bride is the focus.
Length above your knees is a complete no-no. So,take a safe choice a midi-dress or a straight-line gown. Also, make sure to coordinate the length with the mother of the groom. For plus size moms, nicely customized plus size mother of the bride dresses can help you flaunt your figures.

2. Coordinate with the ‘maids:

It is always better to be in coordination with bridesmaids. Make sure you get the swatches of the color palette they will be wearing. Don’t match the style completely but stay in a similar color family.

3. Hunt for Affordable designers:

Your kid’s big day shouldn’t go understated but acquiring designer gowns can burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, look for affordable designers. These designers are known to create and customize plus size mother of the bride dresses.

4. Comfort before fashion:

Make sure to pick such mother of the bride dresses that allow comfort to flow too. You will be micro-managing a lot of things so you need to be able to comfortable. So find a blend of comfort and grace.

The Best Time to Search for Mother of the Bride Dresses

According to several bridal experts, it is best if you start searching for mother of the bride dresses early. There should be a times period of at least 3 months prior to the wedding. This allows you to wait for all the best trends to show up. You will also get a good enough time period for alterations or customization.
You can look through specialty stores instead of generic gown stores. Remember to pay a visit to the traditional bridal salons, as they may options for you too.


Options for the mother of the bride dresses are a lot. You just need to plan ahead of time and strategically search through the stores. Don’t forget to remain in coordination with the theme of the wedding. Also, always remember that the bride is the main focus so go easy on the bling.