Interior designing has the ability to emit the perfect style you would like your home to reflect.  From wall decorations to accessorizing there are various ways of bringing in colors, designs, and patterns into the look that can make it unique and trendy. Among the recent color craze for decorations are the shades of wine. Often referred to as burgundy, berry, plum or aubergine, this shade blends class with style. Wine like johnnie walker swing is a versatile drink that oozes charm not just through its flavors but also through its looks. Shades of wine can be a dazzling choice for creating the ultimate look that is a balance of modern and contemporary.  Here are 5 different ways of dipping your designs deep in this color for your home interiors.

  1. Dripping wine in your bedroom: Splashing shades of wine for one main wall and calming the tone with some cream or white could be a great way of decorating your bedroom. For a calm and subtle look, you can decorate with soft shades such as lavender or lime for your bed covers and pillows. The lamps and other décors can bring in some dark colored wood to enhance the overall look. For a more vibrant style of decor, you can include magenta to the mix through accessories and tone down with grey metallic décor such as lamps, table, mirror frame etc. The choice of drapes can also be soft shades of grey to bring in just enough light to the room. You can introduce bright shades of blue through rugs and cushions for your sofa. You can check out homes with such unique décor in Treasure Coast Real Estate.

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  1. Delicate shades of wine for your kitchen and dining: To accent the style and looks of your kitchen space add wine shade tiles. Complete the look using neutral-colored furniture and accessories. A bolder approach to include the color would be to use it for the cabinets and accessories and leaving the furniture in soft shades of grey or cream. Use a combination of ceramic white with the vibrantly wine colored cabinets to add a subtle charm to it. Similarly, dining room decoration with wine-colored walls and mustard or green colored decoratives such as a centerpiece or chair cushions can be a great choice. Alternatively, yellow pine furniture for the dining space will introduce these shades to the decoration and create a gorgeous look. Just like the smooth and delicious Johnniewalker double black this combination is unique and one of its kind.Wine decorations is another way of including this color palate to your kitchen and dining spaces. Use of glass pendants for the ceiling in wine color within a simple kitchen setup is a great way to add wine color to your décor.

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  1. Dazzling wine for the living room: The living room of every home has the magic in it to emit the beauty of any color well used. A classy look would be through wine-colored walls and charming pastels shades of green and lime for the accessories. These could be the rugs, cushions for the sofa, the centerpiece, lamps, wall décor etc. A contemporary look achieved by bringing in a metallic finish either in silver or grey through these accessories is also exquisite. For a more subtle use of the color, use wine shade for one wall that holds the main décor. Paint the rest of the walls in cream or white. Another style to try would be to use wine shades for the top half of the walls and cream or white for the bottom half. Enhance this look beautifully using similar colored furniture and decorations that are arranged well.

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Cream or grey colored walls with wine colored furniture will give a classy look to the living room. Using shades of sky blue in flowers, rugs, lamps, wall décor, cushions helps improve upon this look. Including patterns to compliment the solid wine color is yet another way for decorating your home.

Your accessories can carry these patterns preferably in black and white along with a solid wine colored wall which will create a very modish look. Layering can be a great way of bringing solid wine color and patterns together.

Wine and teal are a match made in heaven that can weave in a warm and comfortable tone to the room. This, when used creatively, will work its magic majestically in a living room. Alternating between these colors for the walls, decors etc will bring in tasteful colors to the living room that you will cherish.

  1. Daring the splash of wine shades in the bathroom: Wine is an elegant and bold color on its own and hence a touch of it to your décor is enough to pop out its beauty. Bathrooms are the perfect place to include wine shades only through accessories. Solid neutral colors like white, off-white, faun or cream would do great for the walls. Include wine through shower curtains, bath accessories such as towels, dispensers etc. A pop of yellow or pink through flowers or another wall décor would finish the look nicely.

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 Experiment using graceful textures in wine colors for completing décor in the bathroom. Textured tiles for the walls in shades of wine along with metallic or stained glass for the accessories will bring a royal bathing experience. You can also use stone for the bathtub, shower, sink etc in various colors to create an extravagant interior. 

  1. Hallways and stairwells: A boldly splashed tone of wine for the stairwell wall can be decorated creatively using white metallic or wooden work. Using photos, sculptures, painting, wall hangings and a mixture of decorative items you can design the looks of this wall elegantly. Introduce dashing colors of pink, magenta, mustard, yellow, teal, blue, etc through the wall decors to bring a colorful look to the room. Small hallways can use wine-colored walls with lavender and purple for decorations that will create a whimsical look. Introduce accessories such as corner swing to the balcony that can be decorated with wine colored lighting. Wooden swing and bright orange colored decorations for the area will create a nerdy nook for yourselves at home.

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Using wine colors for neutral spaces in the home such as next to stairwells is also a great idea. Using modern furniture styles and colorful accessories such as lamps, vase, frames etc, you can create a unique space that is brimming with beauty. You can reflect the monochrome trend here with soft shades of berry, lavender, purple, magenta or pink and layer them in the décor in an ecstatic way.

Including wine color in the décor can happen through tasteful lighting too. A center chandelier for the living room that brings in the color to the room is a beautiful addition to the décor and an amazing way of including wine color. Use of similar lighting above kitchen parlor brings in a dramatic effect.  Wine colored doors with dark colored wooden frames are also great looks that you can try for your homes. Wine shade is extravagant and can create both classy and contemporary looks as well as a fun flash of colors for a modern look.