Aging is a natural process and there is no escaping it or the changes that come along with growing older. As a woman hits 40, her skin becomes prone to wrinkles, age spots and sagging, all of which can be reduced if not completely avoided with the right skin care routine.

From daily essential care to advanced dermatological treatments, there are a number of ways you can protect your youthful looks and keep looking great as you age. Here are seven tips to get you started on the journey to healthier skin inside and out.

Use a good cleanser every day

Using a cleanser every day is the secret to keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Pick a cleanser that’s right for your skin type and is free of harmful chemicals or plastic microbeads that could harm your skin and steal its luster.

Natural ingredients do make for a better product, provided you get the premium experience you’re paying for. To get the best out of your cleanser, choose a quality product and don’t worry if it doesn’t foam all that much, for that indicates that the product has zero or little chemicals.

Make antioxidants part of your skincare routine and your diet

Antioxidants are your best defense against free radicals, which are the root cause of ageing. Vitamins E and C in particular have been proven to fight ultraviolet damage. So up your intake of antioxidant-rich foods and use a good quality antioxidant-rich daytime serum or cream.

Antioxidants will repair your skin, fight aging and also arrest damage from pollution and sun exposure.

Use a good moisturizer several times a day

Ageing skin requires frequent replenishment of moisture through the day. Once you have applied a good serum in the morning, wait for a few minutes and apply a hydrating cream or lotion all over your face and neck.

Carry a mini bottle of your favorite moisturizer when going out and reapply every few hours to keep your skin supple and nourished.

Never leave home without sunscreen

SPF 50 is a good investment for women who want to fight sun damage and reduce the resulting problems of fine lines and age spots. However, an SPF 30+ sunscreen is also good if you can’t find a higher version.

Apply sunscreen generously at least 15 minutes before going out in the sun. Also remember that UV rays can penetrate glass windows and doors, so to give your skin ultimate sun protection, it is highly recommended to wear sunscreen indoors as well.

Change your diet and lifestyle

If you love junk food and consume a lot of sugar frequently, it shows on your skin. Men and women in their 40s who don’t follow a healthy diet and lifestyle will often have dull and lackluster skin that’s prone to allergies and breakouts.

If you really want to heal your skin from within, switch to a nutritious diet and cut down your intake of processed and sugar-rich foods to a minimum. Eat a plant-based, freshly cooked diet and fresh meats instead of frozen ones. Cut down on alcohol and smoking, sleep well and make friends with exercise, and you’ll see a remarkable difference in your skin quality in a matter of weeks.

Get a good facial every month

Once you hit 40, your skin could use a monthly pampering session to fight off sagging, dullness and fine lines. Entrust the care of your facial skin to a trusted facial expert who has the know-how and experience to revitalize aging skin and give sound advice on at-home skin care.

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Make water your favorite beverage

No beauty treatments will have a lasting effect if you don’t nourish your skin from the inside out. Remember that dehydrated skin that’s deprived of water will become dry and flaky over time, and dry skin is at a greater risk of developing wrinkles and fine lines.

Drinking at least three liters of water should be a part of your daily skincare regimen. Make it easier by telling yourself that you’re doing it for your skin. To make plain water more palatable, squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice or throw in a slice of your favorite fruit.