To sell your property you need to advertise it through“listing “it in a Multiple Listing System, either by a registered realtor or online on For Sale By Owner sites (FSBO). The Multiple Listing System is a nationwide database for houses for sale. FSBO means that the property selling is managed by the owner, not a real estate broker. You will be required take your photos of your property before listing, print out your fliers, post your signs, conduct your own open house viewing, bargain for better prices, and manage the whole process through to closing.

  1.    Obtain a Flat Fee Listing On the MLS

To be listed in the MLS system, you have to negotiate with licensed real estate broker to have you listed in the system. The realtor will enter the property details for a flat fee. It refers to a fixed charge paid to a broker instead of a percentage-based commission for listing a property.

This fee is different from a full payment as it only covers listing and leaves the rest of the selling to you. Using a flat fee MLS is an advantage in that your property gets more exposure to the online market/buyer agents and cuts extra costs. The only costs you will encounter are realtors’ fee for approximately $99. Also, a 2-3% or more commission is offered to pay a buyer’s agent for a half-year contract. This saves the 3% of your house cost spent to pay a full-time realtor.

  1.    Use Online Real Estate Websites.

There are changes in the way people search for home, 90% of property buyers use the internet to find property. They are tech estate brokers that handle all aspects of property sales. An online FBSO site provides professional agents and listing packages for MLS listing. This is cheaper because they have a 1.5% Listing Fee opposed to up to 3% traditional brokers may charge, reduced commission for buyers agents. Also, they may handle basic services such as posting the listing on the MLS, doing online marketing, hosting open houses, and preparing property flyers.

  1.    Use of a Traditional Discount Broker.

Look for a local real estate broker who offers a reduced commission and gets the property listed. A discount broker will charge commission percentages ranging from 3 %to 4.5%. The broker can even offer your more services or additional services reduction fee. The broker will take care of the selling of the property.

  1.    Use of Social Media.

Use social media to show detailed listing information. Facebook, YouTube, and other social sites are visited by millions of viewers daily. To market your property, you need to take clear pictures or a virtual video of the property internal and outside. Social media site like Facebook can geotag your location and get you sales. This is an effective way to use fewer funds and sell your property.