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Getting an invitation to go to the nearest café together is not just a big deal. Stimulating a man to think about you during the day – this is a point of destination. Of course, if a woman wishes to get more text messages from her mate, or be presented with flowers or candies (Some women are flower addicts, some are sweets addicts, some are both. All the girls like presents). Keeping a man interested in you might seem easy at the beginning, however, later on, when the relationships are about to step to another level of quality, there some issues may appear. However, if read properly, these tips will help you not let these obstacles damage your relationships.


Take care of your look. It may seem, as if he is already hooked, however, deep inside he is not. It is not always that easy in the relationships. Men love beauty, they appreciate beauty. If you forget to take care of your makeup or hair cut, it’s your choice, of course. But then you will have to get used to him looking at other women constantly. Just try to look beautiful. Change your hairstyle, makeup, keep your nails painted or, at least, neat. Just be constantly aware you look the best you can, that’s the key.


Find a way to get rid of your negative emotions. You may have your own way of dealing with the negative emotions. The idea is that you should never express anger in front of him, especially if it’s connected with his behavior. You have to find your own way to get rid of such emotions without hurting your partner. For example, you may write what put you in low spirits on a sheet of paper, and then tear it apart. The other option is to go to the other room and scream or just say there everything that disturbs you, all your negative thoughts. Psychologists recommend that.


Be a good conversationalist. Read books, which you are both interested in and share your impressions with each other. Also, you may begin to visit a common gym or go jogging in the morning together. Men need a friend they can spend their free time and relax with. Being a close friend is not a problem at all, even if you hate football he is a fan of. There are other hobbies you may try to keep your love strong. If your interests if released, it will make your man become even more interested in you, as he has been before.


Play games together. Men are big kids, you know. They like to play games. Try to figure out what the exact games he likes are and play them together with your partner. Psychologists claim that games are the activities where you are able to discover a real character of your partner. Especially, this is important for those who are not yet married. Games may show you far more than his behavior in other time. This activity helps people figure out their roles in the society, and it’s up to you whether to be aware what the role of your partner correspondingly to you is, or not.


Walk your own path. That means that, if getting involved in relationships, it would be better for you not to forget about your own talents, hobbies, job, friends, and relatives. Being in romantic relationships does not mean at all that you have to neglect your life. Be wise and continue to earn money, visit restaurants with your friends, help your family. Life does not end after you got a boyfriend. Keep on being socially active. Men like busy women because there is some mystery in them, which they like the most.


Don’t control him. Men hate being controlled. It is their nature to feel free. Be smart when you need something being done by him. Don’t insist or impose your opinion, just be flexible, and he will do everything for you. Don’t say to him: “Do this!” or “Do that!” Use gentle words, like “please”, “thank you”, or “don’t you mind, if…” etc. Men are strong, but still are very sensitive inside. So, be a woman you were born to be.


Communicate with other men. Don’t lock yourself to the one man. Of course, your heart belongs to him, but remember that you are a part of the society, and other men want your attention too. This is a time to show your skills, ability to talk in French, if any, release your potential. In other words, it’s time to shine and complete the things you had been destined to from your birth. Be interesting not only to your man, but also to other men, and he will notice it.

Even if your relationships did not work out and you became frustrated in men, don’t give up. Life will bring you a lot of other opportunities to improve the situation. Listen to your heart. If all the tips are applied with no result, still there is hope. Don’t lose faith and fight for your relationships, love, and happiness. You were born your way to be happy and enjoy your life.