When a lady is pregnant, she received good and positive comments. But with good remarks, many give negative comments also. There are comments which literally inappropriate and rude for the pregnant woman who makes them feel uncomfortable and unhappy also. Such remarks are insensitive and may harm or disappoint the women. So, one must be always careful in what to say or what not to say to pregnant lady. So down below is the list of some comments which one should avoid telling pregnant women.  Check it out!

Can I touch your belly?

Never act like one stupid and keep asking “can I touch your belly?” it’s very awkward to ask such question. You can touch her belly only if she says otherwise avoid being asking stupid question.

Are you breastfeeding

dare not asking such bizarre question? She knows better about what to feed and how to feed her child. It’s really disgusting on talking on such matter. She is woman and has brain for how to take care of her child.

Will you work after delivery

no women like this question about her continuation of her work after delivery. May be you have good motive of asking it but still better not ask. Because they may not like it.

You cannot eat and drink this/that

never stop her from eating anything. Though be careful she doesn’t eat something wrong which might affect baby’s and mom’s health but do not comment on her eating habit. Try and understand she has to feed not only herself but baby too. So let her eat how much she wants. Don’t say you can’t eat this much.

Are you planning for more kids after this

let the first baby come out first and let the decision of another baby on her and her husband. You don’t need to bother at all.

“Are you sure it isn’t twins?”

If she has twins, she will come to know. Just by looking at huge bellies, don’t assume yourself anything.

Sleep now because you will never sleep again

never discourage or ruin the excitement of any pregnant lady by passing such comments. It’s nothing like her life will become worse after delivery. Instead it will be nice and a different experience since she will become “mom.” Which is every girl’s desire?

You have gained weight a lot

it is totally inappropriate to say women during pregnancy that you have gained weight so much or your belly look huge. It is quite obvious that anyone will gain weight due to having a baby inside a stomach. You need to embarrass her by saying this because after delivery she’ll come to normal size.

Good luck. My labor was terrible

never try to scare a pregnant lady. Not every woman has same case as others. One case might be complicated, while other may not have any complication. Don’t pitch such negativity and fear in her mind.

Are you expecting a girl or a boy?

She is just expectating a baby. It doesn’t matter whatever the sex of the baby is. Don’t ruin her expectation from the baby. Such negativity in a woman brain to think about the child’s gender should also be avoided. A female or male – both are baby and creation of god. So, let her accept happily whatever gift she got from god.

So by now you must have learnt what to avoid asking or commenting on a pregnant lady .it’s a different feeling when a woman is pregnant but if people start saying such inappropriate things. Trust me it’s really annoying so please just don’t ask such stupid ask!