Okay, you may think the first week of fall is too early to talk about kids’ clothes for winter, but don’t be so sure.

The time and temperatures are moving fast, and before you know it, everything will be white. Also, the early bird catches the worm, so if you want your children to have the best quality clothes and be super warm, cozy and protected from cold during winter, you better start your winter shopping on time.

You can also include it in the first-day-of-school shopping, but chances are you’ll forget something as you’ll be fully focused on the nearest future and school equipment.

All in all, it’s not a bad idea to start now and be ready for the winter when it arrives. There a few essential things your kid needs to have to fully enjoy winter, and here’s what clothing experts at ModerneChild think they are.


Besides proper winter shoes, the jacket is always the most important winter clothing item, and often one of the greatest budget consumers. Still, it’s definitely worth the money.

A warm, windproof hooded jacket is an indispensable clothing item in winter, especially if you live in the northern part of the country. Just find unique children’s clothing stores near you and you won’t lack for choice.

It’s better if the jacket is not too thick and heavy, but light, yet super-warm. In the past, this was difficult to achieve, but with modern materials, it has become a standard for more upscale brands.

You should also get a proper raincoat, to be ready for all the situations. Of course, a good jacket is not enough on it’s on, so don’t forget all the accessories: a cap, which can be a basic beany, as long as it covers the ears; a long and warm scarf which will provide protection against the wind; and of course, warm, cozy and comfortable gloves.


Winter shoes need to be warm, waterproof, safe and comfortable. Sometimes you won’t be able to find all that in only one pair of boots, so you’ll maybe have to combine a few in order to be sure your kid is fully ready for winter.

Two pairs of boots are probably the essentials: ones which are really warm, stuffed and cozy; rubber boots which are often not so warm, but are fully and perfectly waterproof. So with an appropriate pair of thermo socks, they could the best solution for snow.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to buy enough socks, preferably warm, thick and fuzzy. When I say enough, I mean a lot, as they can get lost easily, plus they need to be changed more often than usual.


Whether you have a young baby or an older child, a onesie is always a good option. It is warm, soft and keeps the back covered at all times, plus it makes fashion choices simpler and easier.

From the cozy cotton ones, which require something on top of them, to the Teflon ones, suitable for skiing, onesies are ideal for winter, especially if you are planning to go skiing.

With appropriate boots and accessories, your kid can spend hours playing in the snow without getting wet with the right type of onesie. You can also buy a onesie pajamas which will definitely be the warmest and the most comfortable thing, perfectly suitable for winter.

Besides keeping your feet warm, where the boots and socks can help, keeping your kidneys away from the cold is another factor in keeping your kid (and yourself) healthy.

There are a lot of other clothes which you might want to pick up for your child during this cold season, but these are the essentials to keep them warm and happy in the cold.