Mothers are always concerned about their kids’ safety. Thanks to the Internet and customer reviews online modern mothers are aware of the best crib mattresses for their babies. They know the reasons why most mothers must choose breathable crib mattresses for their little ones. We know that babies have the habit of rolling often into face-down position into their mattresses, and that could trigger breathe issues.

In such a case, a breathable mattress would be working wonders as the sleeping surface or the top-most layer is nicely perforated so that there is constant airflow and no obstruction whatsoever, even if the baby is in a face-down posture. Your baby is able to sleep comfortably and safely in whatever posture as there is no risk of suffocation or overheating due to the presence of the perforated surface.

Explore some of the advantages of using a breathable crib mattress for your newborn.

Chances of Suffocation Minimized

As per research, it may prove to be hazardous to your baby’s well-being if he sleeps face down into his crib mattress. Unfortunately, even if you make sure that the baby is sleeping on his back when you put him to sleep at night. There is no guarantee that the baby would not roll over in his sleep and he could sleep face down while you may be in deep sleep. A situation like this could become dangerous if the baby goes on lying down in this posture for quite some time. If the baby is sleeping on a solid imperforated mattress there is a risk of suffocation.

However, if the baby is lying down on a breathable or perforated mattress, the baby could sleep safely and comfortably as the breathing issues do not arise because of the air-permeable or breathable sleep surface of the mattress. So it is best to buy a breathable crib mattress for your loved one. You may browse through renowned sites such as for effective sleep-related solutions from experts.

Reduced Sweating

Everybody is aware how a conventional mattress would cause your body to sweat due to excessive heating. This is surely not the case if you are using a breathable mattress. The constant airflow due to the perforated upper surface, there is no scope of any heat getting trapped between the mattress surface and your body. Hence, the sweating issue is dramatically reduced if not eliminated completely.

The Growth of Mold & Bacteria Minimized

A conventional mattress could be an ideal habitat for bed bugs, mold, dust mites and other germs. However, an air-permeable surface mattress allows adequate and constant airflow so the mattress is always nice and dry and free from sweat. Hence, such a breathable mattress cannot be the breeding ground for these harmful organisms as they are found mostly in moist places. Moreover, a breathable mattress could be cleaned easily without too much of a hassle. The upper perforated sleep surface could be removed and the rest of the crib mattress could be washed thoroughly in a washing machine.


You may not use a bedspread while using a breathable mattress because the surface area is already cool and comfortable. If you feel uneasy without a bed sheet, you could carry on using a bed sheet. You must respect your preferences along with your concern for your child’s comfort and safety. Most important consideration is that your child is able to sleep well and the mattress is proving beneficial to your kid’s overall health. Help your child lead a healthy and comfortable life by choosing a breathable crib mattress for him.