If you are planning to get engaged, chances are that you have been perusing the online and physical engagement ring stores left and right in search for the right ring. These stores typically have a wide variety of different rings to suit every taste and budget.

However, there is one ring type which has been captivating the eye of the beholder in the recent years–the halo ring. More and more different designs nowadays sport a halo around the central stone of the ring. Small wonder, when you realize what a halo can do for a ring.

The Halo Has a Purpose

Some people may conclude that adding a halo of smaller stones around the central stone is purely the result of our society’s megalomania and desire for more. However, the halo has a very practical purpose.It can make a small stone appear bigger, which is ideal for people who don’t have all that much money to spend on a ring.

Furthermore, the halo can help highlight the features of the central diamond, like its sheen and the cut.The tiny diamonds which go into the halo cannot do aren’t all that impressive on their own, but as a whole, their shine and sparkle adds to the brilliance of the whole ring. They also expand the angle at which the shine can be seen.

Halo Rings Are Not New

Even though the trend of halo diamond engagement rings is fairly new, the concept of a halo ring has existed for a few centuries. These rings went in and out of fashion periodically and each new era brought something new to the concept.

In the 18th century, they were called cluster rings and were popular among the nobility. However, it was in the Victorian era that the traditional form of the halo ring was established with a central stone surrounded by smaller gems for emphasis. However, the diamond was far from the most popular gem at the time, and the purpose of the ring has changed as well.

The Art Deco was the new era when halo rings burst into the limelight. However, they went through yet another change. This era praised geometric shapes and streamlined design, and it was reflected on the halo rings with the open cut design which uses negative space.

Modern History of the Halo Ring

In the recent years, the halo ring was a marginal ring type, without much appeal when compared to other rings which were in vogue. However, that all changed around 2010, when halo rings became all the rage, and the hype for these rings has not died down even today, 8 years later.

Just like in every previous era, the halo ring has gone through a few changes to adapt to the sensibilities of the time. First of all, the material which is used to create these rings is almost exclusively white or rose gold. Similarly, the gems used in the rings are now almost exclusively diamonds, in order to reflect the primary function these rings have in this age–engagement rings. What’s more, in the past few years, there seems to have been a growing demand for double or triple halo diamond rings. If a single halo can increase the brilliance of the ring, imagine what a double or a triple halo can do.

Picking out an engagement ring can be tricky, because you have to take into account so many factors.However, if you find a good engagement ring store, like leohamael , they will be able to help you find the piece which suits you the most.