Everyone has their own idea of a perfect wedding. However, if you’re open for suggestions and generally enjoy keeping up with the trends, you’ll definitely want to know what’s 2018-approved on the wedding popularity list.

Wedding bars

This year, incorporating bars into your wedding reception is definitely something new and interesting that your guests would absolutely love. That doesn’t mean that buffets and other traditional forms of service are going to become completely redundant, but if you like the vibe that bars provide, you’ll definitely enjoy this particular trend for your own wedding day. After all, it gives the guests the opportunity to mingle even more.

Plants everywhere

It doesn’t matter what season or month you choose for your big day. Either way, using plants as your main wedding décor is one of the biggest trends for 2018. Living plants are obviously the best choice but opting for fake ones that look just as beautiful is more than acceptable as well. Plant décor has been popular before, but this year it’s reached a whole new level. Namely, some of the most interesting aspects of plant décor this year are to use potted plants for your aisle decoration and vines for chairs, bars and tables.


An intimate party

If you’re already a fan of small and intimate weddings, you’ll be glad to know that the pressure of making sure that even a small wedding feels grandiose is off the table in 2018. A party-like reception and celebration with a small group of your closest friends and loved ones is a complete hit among the wedding trends this year.

Muted colors

Muted colors have become more popular in various lifestyle areas such as fashion and interior design, and they found their way to wedding trends as well. You don’t have to organize your wedding with a specifically vintage theme in mind in order to make the most of the “dark and moody” vibe. That may not sound wedding-like but opting for muted and darker shades of flowers, décor and tableware can look amazingly elegant and mysterious.


Arrive in style

For a long time, the way you arrive to your wedding hasn’t really been all that important. There was no significant accent on the car or other means of transport you’d use. However, this year is about to change all that. Attracting extra attention right from the start is getting more and more popular with the possibility to rent fascinating vehicles that fit your wedding theme perfectly. After all, the popularity of chauffeur services in Sydney is through the roof at the moment.

Candles everywhere

Candles have always been a part of wedding décor, but just like with plants, this year’s trends are pushing the limits of anything “usual”. Having candles as your main décor piece is a true spectacle. And if you’re afraid of potential accidents, you can find battery-operated candles to complete the magical look, just as breathtakingly beautifully as your regular candles.


Unconventional wedding dress

Just like there are new trends when it comes to the organization of your wedding, there are plenty of new trends in regards to wedding gowns. From Victorian-inspired dresses to incredibly detailed lace, pearls and flowers all over, you can definitely complete the magic and impressiveness of it all with your own look.

Even if you enjoy learning about new trends, it’s important to mention that you don’t have to be pressured into following them if they don’t seem like something that suits your taste and personality. The best thing about trends in all aspects of life is your creative freedom to take them, and adjust and shape them however you want in order to make something truly unique that perfectly represents you.