White jeans that were considered a novelty item in the past decade are now adorned in every window when you hit the mall.

The main difference between these jeans pants is that white jeans, unlike blue ones, make you look all dressed up. Just that idea makes it daunting to try and combine these outfits with anything at all. But did you know that white jeans are a must have for all fashionistas? Here is how you can pair them with different apparels.

White Shoes

Not everyone can pair this just right. With summer just around the corner, this will make for an irresistible and chic combination. Your options here are pretty endless. You can even wear an entire white outfit with this; it is never a fashion crime as long as you add a hint of color, like a belt, a scarf, or a clutch.

Gray Always Works

White jeans always give off a one neutral cool tone when paired with gray colored apparel and accessories and with summer right around corner, this is the perfect outfit style for you to add in your wardrobe. This color tone is not restricted to a nice top, but can also be used as boots, sandals, pumps or plain flats. This season, you can add in an article of dark gray as well.

It Don’t Matter If Its Black or White

Pairing black shoes along with white pants, or an overall plain white outfit or mini dress is the trend this year, and for all good reason too. Now make sure that you give equal emphasis to your shoes as you have given to the outfit, the goal is that turn this safe color scheme into an attention grabbing  one.

Earthy Tones

Once you get white jeans into your closet, you better get all the neutral earth tones that are out there too. We don’t mean the ones listed above. You need to get sand, taupe, tan, nude, linen, cram, ivory and beige.  All these look amazing with white jeans. One of the mistakes that most people make when going for neutral shades is that they forget to make the rest of their outfit work just as well. Most probably, since the color scheme looks so easy to go together, you treat it as an effortless job. Well, its time you put in some and made the look work from okay to stunning.

Your Neons

Yes and no for this one. You can pair white with anything, but it won’t look like a natural combination and not everyone has the style to pull that look off. If you can do it, then it will look fabulous, but if not cannot, then do not  take that fashion risk.


Metallic sandals and tops look gorgeous with white pants, we saw them being worn with sequined metallic tops and now with a lot of other designs, this trend is fast making its debut in the fashion world.

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