Frankly speaking, no one loves an alarm clock, though we have to buy them to keep our daily schedule unharmed. Time is money and thus spending some extra money on an innovative alarm clock is perfectly worthy. It will give you the much needed morning ‘kick’ that you need to attend all your meeting on time. Here, in the following section of the article, we shall find 10 innovative alarm clocks that are apt for heavy sleepers.

1. Wake Up And Work Out Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning and doing exercises without having breakfast sound nightmarish. Is not it? Well, bad news for the heavy sleepers, as ‘Wake up and Work out Alarm Clock’ will compel you to do exercise early in the morning. It is basically a 1.5 pound dumbbell alarm clock, which will go quiet only when you complete 30 biceps curls. It has internal motion sensor, thus do not dare to be over smart!

Wake up and Work out Alarm Clock

2. Blender Alarm Clock

This is yet another smart alarm clock, having cacophonic noises to offer in the morning. It exerts such noise that one would find nightmares are better than the absurd jingles of this alarm. Comes in the shape of a retro style blender, the alarm would cost you around $75.


3. Clocky

This apparently cute looking alarm clock is a devil inside. It has wheels to move around and moreover it can jump off the nightstand. In the morning, it starts beeping and roaming discretely in your room. Until you find it and hit the stop alarm button, it will continue beeping. Now, you would surely not enjoy playing ‘hide n seek’ just after leaving your bed.


4. Ban Clock

This is an extraordinary alarm clock, which seeks money to go shut off. Strange, but true – this clock reminds the old saying ‘time is money’. It comes with a national debt ticker and you need to put a coin inside this clock to keep it shut down from alarming.


5.Twist Equation Clock

Leaving bed early in the morning and start solving some mathematical equations – what can be worse than this? Twist equation clock will continue its alarm ringing, unless you can solve an equation that appears on its screen. Go get ready for the early morning mathematical test. This alarm clock costs just around $25.

Equation Clock

6. Kim – Talking Clock

This alarm clock does not only look weird, but it also has a unique way to make people wake up from their deep sleep. Costing around $56, this clock comes with gold metallic hair, a humanoid and a green speaker mouth. It has a robotic voice, which is ugly enough to cause utter disturbances while you are sleeping.

Talking Clock

7. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Some heavy sleepers need to be pushed to pop out from bed and this alarm is just a perfect product to do that. The clock throws out three puzzle pieces and you need to collect them. Return the puzzle pieces to the clock, according to the right holes, to keep the alarm shut down.


8. Clockman

This is an annoying alarm clock for sure, which even keeps nagging you even after you leave your bed. It refuses to shut down or snooze. With its clattering voice, it will cause serious disturbances in your sleep.


 9. Laser Target Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will give you a chance to improve your hand eye coordination, by making you awake from deep sleep in the morning. Hit the bull’s eye with Laser remote to snooze the alarm. By the way, hitting the target is not easy!


10. Sonic Boom With Super Shaker

This is a 113 decibel alarm – loud as hell! Being priced around $34, this alarm is highly effective to push the heavy sleepers, till they do not leave their beds.


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