Women and men often want to know what attracts the other sex. Although a great personality is what matters over the long run, a person must get noticed before others can learn more about their personality. What does a man see first when he looks at a woman? What does a female see when she looks at a male? The answers will surprise many.

What Men Notice First

Ask any woman and she’ll probably tell you men notice her chest before anything else. Surprisingly, she would be wrong. Men actually notice a woman’s eyes first with her smile coming in second. Women considering Breast Augmentation Surgery, however, love knowing that their chest does come in third on the list of things men notice when meeting a woman. Hair lands fourth on the top ten list of things men notice about a woman and weight comes in fifth.

Guys may say they are a leg man, but legs don’t land on this top ten list until sixth place. What may shock many to know is men notice a woman’s clothing before they pay attention to her derriere. This may be because it remains completely covered in most situations. It’s less likely to draw the eye as a result. Height comes in at ninth and skin finishes out the top ten.

This information comes from Murine, a popular brand of eye drops many people use regularly. The company behind Murine surveyed 1,000 men and women in Britain to learn which body parts they noticed first when meeting someone of the opposite sex. This goes to show that a woman’s chest isn’t the top feature. However, what do women notice first when meeting a male?

What Women Notice First

Women share certain things with men. For example, when a woman meets a man, the first thing she notices is his eyes followed closely by his smile. However, the list diverges at the number three spot. Women pay attention to a man’s height before considering specific body parts. Once they have gathered this information, they move on to his hair to determine how much he has. Clothing rounds out the top five on the list of ten things women notice first about a man.

When it comes to a man’s weight, women rank this sixth on the list of the top ten things they notice about a male. Skin comes in seventh and his face shape in the eighth. Men don’t even notice a woman’s face shape, but females notice this in males. A man’s derriere comes in at nine of the list with their nose rounding out the top ten. Other than a man’s clothing, the items on this list have little or nothing to do with their position in society or their income. That may come as a shock to many people. What does this all mean?

Men often make the wrong assumptions when it comes to women and the same holds in reverse. The best way to attract attention from the opposite sex is to be polite and well groomed at all times. Appear friendly, as both sexes notice the eyes and smile before anything else. If you feel you need to change one or more body parts, do so for yourself. Undergoing this drastic step for someone of the opposite sex rarely provides the desired results. Doing it for yourself, however, gives you a boost of confidence and that will get noticed by members of both sexes.