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If you are new to sheet masks, they are shaped in the form of face and soaked in serum that is rich in nutrients. You will find the sheet masks available in a variety of materials such as fibers, papers, and gel. They are different from the paste-type masks available in the market. These masks require you to apply and sit for a while before you peel. Contrary to that, sheet masks come in individual packing and are convenient for use.

How to use the masks?

As the sheet masks are available in individual packages, you can buy them according to your need. You can apply them on clean face for about thirty minutes and remove. The best part is that you can use them often throughout the day or the week. Additionally, the sheets work best for the skin by providing moisture and relaxation. You can use them when you are busy such as watching TV, cleaning the house, cooking, or participating in any other activity. You do not have to worry about washing your face after using the sheet mask!

Where is the origination?

The origination of sheet masks is South Korea. The country attained reputation across the globe in the field of skin care and cosmetic products. You will find the use of sheet masks widely across Asia today. The benefits provided by the masks and the recent surge in the use of them by celebrities is helping them gain popularity in the western countries. According to research by NPD Group, the rise in sales of sheet masks saw a massive increase of 60% in the last year alone.

How does the mask work?

The sheet masks soaked in concentrated serum (nutrients that benefit the skin) help in rejuvenating after a tiring day. The vitamins and hyaluronic acids present in the sheet penetrate the skin deeply. As a result, one can notice the benefits quickly when compared with that of the face masks because the ingredients in the sheet masks are in the water phase. The formula is such that it takes a more extended period to extend the evaporation time, which is the reason behind deeper penetration of the serum ingredients.


The serum consists of ingredients such as minerals and vitamins that play a crucial role in preventing dryness of the skin. A few sheets also claim to brighten the skin and remove the impurities in the pores. They are convenient to use and inexpensive when compared to that of heading to a spa. You can use them anywhere and many times in a single day or the week at your convenience.


Sheet masks are different from that of face masks. They are an inexpensive way to maintain the moisture content of your facial skin. You can avoid heading to the expensive methods implemented by the spas to keep the brightness and smoothness of the skin. The sheet masks are available from different manufacturers and in numerous varieties. Choose the one that suits your skin and gives perfect conditioning.