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Since a long time, lipstick has remained one of the preferable makeup items for girls. This time, beauticians and fashion lovers have come up with few of the classic and latest trends lipstick shades, which stars often choose on red carpets and fashion runways.

Peach Shade

peach shade

If you love soft shades on your lips, you should definitely go with peach shade lipsticks. This shade acts as the most raved shade, which every reputed brand would prefer to introduce among makeup lovers.

Bold Red Shade

Red Lipstick

The Bold red shade of lipstick is obviously the favorite option for all girls want to get a simple shade but enhance the look by putting relatively fewer efforts. One could definitely get an ultimate look with the little black colored dress and classy red shade lipstick. This is the reason, for which most of the leading cosmetic brands have stepped ahead with the introduction of lip-smacking red shades to entice makeup lovers.

Hot and Tangy Orange Shade

Orange Lipstick

Tangy and hot orange is one of the beautiful shades, which has become the center of attraction among many female Bollywood stars. The specialty of this shade is that it provides an excellent pop of color and increase the brightness of your face. The shade gives a dramatic look, because of which today most of the brands are launching it to lure worldwide beauties towards the product.

Berry Shade

Berry Shade

Girls bored with repeated and regular lipstick shades should definitely try out for the latest berry shade of lipstick to give a vampy and a dramatic look. This shade has recently gained huge popularity among large numbers of lipstick lovers including the famous film star Deepika Padukone. In fact, Deepika liked flaunting with the berry shade with the effortless stance.

Vibrant Hot Pink

Vibrant Hot Pink

Vibrant hot pink is obviously one of the highly raved shades for almost every lipstick lover. Because of this, today, large numbers of brands started offering hot and bold pink shades of lipstick to entice fashion lovers.

Plum Shade

Plum Shade

Plum or dark shade acts as an excellent choice for all girls, who do not feel comfortable with bold lipstick shades. In addition, one could consider plum shade as the perfect choice for all individuals love to have lipsticks of deep shades available under top-class brands across the world.

Nude Shades

Nude Shades1

Nude Shades

Nude lips or makeup is also a popular trend nowadays followed usually by film stars in red carpet shows/events, movies, and various press meetings. With a consistent increase in the addiction towards lipstick shades, nude shades witness huge demand in the makeup industry, as similar to hot cakes. Because of this, almost every leading brand involved in supplying lipsticks moved ahead with the introduction of few of the compulsory nude color shades to meet the bandwagon associated with trending shades of lipsticks.

In conclusion, with varieties of trendy colors and shades of lipstick, you would expect to remain at perfect pace with the latest style prevailing in the beauty, cosmetic and makeup center. Therefore, only give time to look for available trendy shades to get the right one for you.

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