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As soon as children get old enough to dress themselves (with a bit of help), they generally start to be old enough to have an opinion on what they want to wear. Clothes can be an important way for children to express themselves and their wardrobes will generally become a mixture of staple pieces and “on trend” items, the best of which are still practical and able to last the long term.  Here are three trends we saw developing in children’s clothing over 2017.

Disney dazzle

For all Disney’s branched out a bit in recent years, the core of their offering is still their ability to sprinkle some magic dust on traditional stories and, let’s be honest, regardless of whether Disney are making cartoons or live-action films, they know how to create some fabulous costumes, which in turn influence fashion designers and hence make their way onto the High Street.  Expect the phenomenal success of Beauty and the Beast to spark an interest in enchanted glamour and it’s accessible to boys as well as girls as it’s all about rich colours, quality fabrics, and those special touches.  Because of this, these sorts of outfits are probably best kept for special occasions, although you can add a touch of fairy-tale magic to an everyday outfit with some well-chosen accessories, such as floral hair pieces or something with a touch of sparkle or in the colour of a precious metal.

Hawaiian hip

When summer comes around and we finally get some sunshine, it’s only natural to want to celebrate by shedding off our outer layers and slipping into some bright and light clothes.  Kids feel this urge at least as strongly as adults and so they’ll going to love the fact that Spring/Summer 2017 collections are full of Hawaiian prints, even if they are far too young to understand that many of the designs give a cheerful nod to the calypso shirts of the 1950s and the marvellous tropical kitsch of the original Hawaii 5-0.  They will, however, probably pick up on the connection with Moana (Disney again).  The sheer, joyous riot of colour seen in this trend was just made for kids, not only is it bright and fun, but it also does a great job of hiding minor stains.  Because of this, the trend is perfect for everyday outfits for days when children just want to have fun playing, preferably outdoors.

1960s chic

The swinging sixties have become almost legendary and have influenced all kinds of trends in all kinds of ways since the decade came to a close.  At this point in time, it’s the 1960s’ ideal of getting back to nature and living at one with the planet, which is striking a chord with fashion designers and their customers.  Expect to see denim (particularly distressed and Chambray) teamed with Paisley prints (again those bright colours which kids love) and florals, particularly for dresses.  Colours are going to evoke the natural world, so lots of green and brown enlivened with floral hues, such as pinks and oranges.  This is the trend to channel when you want your children to look reasonably smart, but still want them to be able to relax and have a bit of playful fun.