Even though most of us tend to prioritize comfort and function, the truth is we all deserve to enjoy some luxury at home. Whether your goal is to create a more sophisticated and refined space for increased pleasure, or you simply wish to refurbish your home in an effort to sell it at a higher price, luxurious elements can be beautiful and beneficial in any interior. To that end, here are some incredible remodeling ideas that will allow you to create a more deluxe environment in your home:

Incorporate more eco-friendly features

Instead of splendor and wastefulness that used to be a representation of wealth, modern luxury interiors are now focused on more environmentally-friendly features, particularly in areas like Europe and North America. Green materials and energy efficiency are put at the forefront, without sacrificing great design.

If you wish to achieve a more eco-friendly environment in your home as well, good insulation, renewable energy sources, as well as energy-efficient appliances are essential features you shouldn’t overlook. However, even smaller aspects like using VOC-free paints for the walls or using reclaimed wood and sustainable bamboo for your flooring and furniture can go a long way towards creating a clean and luxurious, yet still eco-friendly design.

Focus on a simpler and sleeker design

Another trend that can be noticed among luxurious interiors is a design that’s more simplistic than ever, while still providing the necessary sleekness and a sophisticated feel that’s essential in luxurious spaces. Apart from places like Scandinavia, where such interiors are to be expected, minimalism is also growing in popularity across Asia, particularly Hong Kong, where luxury was previously represented through opulent and ornate features.

If you want to incorporate this sophisticated Asian design into your home, it’s recommended to stick to clean and simple lines, and focus only on neutral color palettes, whether they entail lighter or darker shades. Then, you can add more warmth and texture to your space with beautiful rugs from Hong Kong in earthy tones and minimal patterns, to embrace that perfectly simplistic design.

Invest in a modern kitchen remodel

Many people would consider their kitchen the focal point or even the heart of their home, which is exactly why remodeling of this room always pays off, and makes for a more sophisticated space overall. After all, a beautiful open-floor concept and gorgeous marble countertops are generally regarded as the epitome of luxury.

However, not everyone will have a large enough budget for these costly features. In that case, you could consider simpler changes such as putting on a fresh coat of paint, updating your appliances, choosing minimal cabinets and countertops, or even adding a small island to break up the space, in an effort to make your kitchen look sleeker and more deluxe.

Consider refurbishing your bathroom

Similar to the kitchen, a bathroom is a place for relaxing and unwinding, and deserves to feel as luxurious as possible as well. What’s more, it doesn’t have to be overly expensive either, as simply adding features such as a steam shower, a statement standalone tub, or a heated towel rack can make your bathroom look more sophisticated and high-end.

However, if you currently only have one bathroom, the best thing you can do in order to make your home feel more luxurious is to build another one. If you have any unused space, like under the stairs or an extra closet, consider building an additional small bathroom, even if it just features a toilet and a sink, for a more deluxe experience in your home.

With just a bit of careful planning and the right design elements, your home can evidently feel much more luxurious, while allowing you to increase its value as well.