For a long time, blazer in both semi-formal and formal jacket has remained in style among men even with little efforts on creativity. However, blazers often follow a traditional style. However, with the consistent increase in awareness of men’s fashion, today men are available with varieties of stylish blazers, along with English and American style blazers.

Blazers by Park Avenue

Park Avenue blazers are popularly known for their classic design and style. These are sleek and always add an outstanding impression to any of your modern outfits. Besides, the silhouette of these blazers come with urban grace. If this is not enough, the blazers have neutral colors and finishing to give you dapper look when you match it appropriately.

Blazers by Arrow

Willing to achieve the epitome of masculinity and class with your attire, just opt for Arrow blazers. With an ultimate finishing, the brand always gives you a charming look. Whether you want blazers for any casual event or business meeting, you will expect to get excellent options with Arrow-branded blazers. The best thing about Arrow branded blazers is that you may wear it during any season and always get an interesting touch to the look.

 Blazers by Mr. Button


With an apt design, flattering torso and snug shoulder, Mr. Button branded blazers give an excellent structured fit. The brand has always remained in the toppers’ list in terms of style. Regardless of formal wear or casual wear blazers, you will always expect to get stylish and impeccable appearance with Mr. Button collections. With high levels of durability and comfort, you may easily flaunt with style in the coming occasion.

Blazers by Suitltd

Suitltd Blazers are quintessential staples in one’s wardrobe for almost every type of sophisticated party looks. Other than the highest possible classiness degree, the blazer has an appropriate fitting, makes sure about comfort and add a luxury feature. Indeed, these blazers are stylish and comfortable picks for men. Designers of Suitltd Group have designed these outfits by considering both formal and casual settings in their minds.

Blazers by Raymond

For many years, Raymond blazers have remained under the category of stylish blazer collections to give sartorial manifestation of modern look and contemporary fitting. As the blazers come blended with outstanding appeal and top-quality fabrics, they give style gazers interesting things to talk. Whether it is an official party or a casual outfit, Raymond blazers always provide you with countless wardrobe options.