The selection of your nail color may influence from different things, which include specific seasons, your mood and latest trends. In addition, a few girls match nail colors with the color of their t-shirts or tops. However, if you are still confused in selecting an appropriate color, we will guide you to select or match your nail colors to your individual skin tones in this blog post.

Nail Colors Selection as Per Pale Complexions or Pale Skin Tones

If you have pale skin tone, you should go with lighter shades with blue or pink undertones. In addition, pastel colors give you a great look. Other than this, choose for reds or pinks to make your complexion bright or blue-based red nail colors. In contrast, you should strictly avoid dark nail polishes, like dark black or dark blue, gold, green and orange.

Nail Colors Selection as Per Light Complexions

If you have light or fair complexions with warm skin tone, you are available with varieties of nail polish shades to try. However, to come up with the best look, you should select a nail polish that has a yellow or blue base according to your undertones. On the other side, girls with fair skin complexions should avoid very dark black, dark blue, dark orange, gold or green.

Nail Colors Selection as Per Tanned Skin or Tan Complexions

2. Nail Color

Tanned skin appears better in warm colors and hence, light nail polish shades are able to accentuate tanned skin. These include warm pale shades of light blues, browns, purples, and pinks. However, you should strictly avoid the shades of gold or gold color, as both of them will blend in your tanned skin and result in losing your vibrancy.

Nail Colors Selection as Per Dark Complexions

Dark complexions are able to wear deep and rich shades of nail polishes, excluding dark brown, as it will disappear. Especially, women with dark complexions should look for deep yet vibrant purples, burgundy, plums, dark blues, dark greens, plums, gold, and chocolate brown. In contrast, shades of yellow, orange, neon colors, white, pastels, silver, and white are unsuitable for dark skin complexions.

Nail Colors Selection as Per Medium Skin Complexions

Medium skin tones get the opportunity to enjoy varieties of color combinations. For instance, women or girls with medium skin complexions look good in wine colors and dark burgundy colors, along with a few of the vibrant colors, such as orange, yellow, blue and pink. Along with this, you may try metallics and silver colors, like for instance metallic blue, while medium-dark complexions may go with navy blue, black, burgundy and dark pinks.

Nail Colors Selection as Per Olive Skin Complexions

Olive skin complexions come with a combination of a greenish hue and yellow undertones. These nail colors appear slightly beige in combination with yellow undertones. Particularly, gold and peach colors boost olive skin complexions, while chocolate browns and earthy tones are perfect for olive-dark skin complexions.