A bathroom can be completely transformed by making sure that it’s not designed simply to be functional but with a theme in mind. Often a vintage theme suits a bathroom more than any other because it gives the room a sense of whimsy and care that you can’t get with modern décor.

Creating such a bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive or complicated endeavor, but it needs to be one that’s carefully planned and that has an overall vision in term of its aesthetic.


If you’re trying to copy a vintage look, hardwood floors are probably the most authentic option. That’s the most common material used for flooring up until the early 20th century. Besides being authentic, this option is also rather beautiful, and by choosing different types of wood and finish, you can modify the look to your liking.

Using this type of flooring doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with modern technology while keeping a vintage look. A wooden floor could be heated without losing any of its looks and other qualities so that you can keep the bathroom comfortable and stick to vintage look at the same time.


Vintage touches are especially noticeable when it comes to using authentic plumbing methods. For instance, claw foot tubs and pedestal sinks look graceful and keep the vintage feel and authenticity intact. Installing these in a modern bathroom will sometimes require tools such as diamond blades and certain plumbing expertize.

It’s possible to keep using modern plumbing materials while adding these retro touches. This is especially true if the plumbing is carefully hidden and only vintage touches remain noticeable. Modern materials will last longer and require less maintenance over the years.


Lighting is usually the feature that makes or breaks a room in terms of its design and aesthetic. It’s possible to accomplish this and still make the light fixture a noticeable and even luxurious item. It can be done by installing a small chandelier as the main lighting source.

However, it’s best if it’s not the only lighting source and this is where you should try to mix and match modern technology and vintage touches. Accent and tasks lights should be hidden in walls or in the flooring and you should do well to use LED lights only.


There’s always a need for storage in bathrooms and even the most luxurious of bathrooms often appear to be kind of uncomfortable if they lack the space for you to store everything that you might need in there. Vintage cabinets allow you to accomplish this practical task while staying true to the vintage aesthetic.

These cabinets can often be found in local yard sales and in small woodworking shops. There’s usually not that much work to be done in order to fix them up and make them usable. Try to keep as much as you can of the old style and aesthetic.


In the end, a color scheme is what can bring the décor of a bathroom together and you need to choose it with great care. It’s important to have two main features in mind. Firstly, the bathroom should be soothing and simple and you need to use the color palette to accomplish that.

Secondly, you should make sure that the color palette you choose is fitting to the time era that has inspired the aesthetic you’ve chosen for the bathroom. It would stick out if it isn’t.

A vintage look is a great fit for most bathrooms since it’s both soothing and stylish. It can also be combined with modern features that make it more comfortable to use.