When it comes to relationship, men are always said to speak their heart out. Having said this; nobody can be a hundred percent transparent. There are certain things that we keep to ourselves. Here are few things men expect from their better half but will never say:


Men love to be respected. Respecting men makes them feel more manly and alive. It is not that you should address him as ‘your honor’ or something closer to that; you just need to give him what he deserves. Nothing more and nothing less. No guy will ever express the fact that he needs respect from you. Leave guys, will you?


Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? Even as a child we grow up expecting others to appreciate us for what we do. Being appreciated will always highlight the fact that we are being loved by someone. Want to express the love that you have for your man? Appreciate him at times when he needs the most. Don’t just stop at appreciating his looks; appreciate his talent and working abilities too. It will surely change the way he sees you.


When you have learnt to appreciate your man, you should also learn to encourage him. Encouragement is what that keeps one’s thirst for striving more in life. There will always be a tough time in life. There will always be a time when we fall down. These things happen normally in every human’s life, not only in a man’s life. During these crucial period, when there is someone to encourage us, we would never get the idea of being left alone and low. Keep on encouraging your man; let him reach greater heights in life.

Self grooming

Yes, you need to groom yourself properly. Not that you should look like a model or something; make yourself presentable and neat. It is obvious that everybody want their soul mate to look prettier than the other woman present in the vicinity. This is like a symbol of pride for men. Want to make your man stand tall, put on some makeup.


Not every human is blessed with the ability to stand alone and look after his/her own self. A major part of us need someone’s support to cling on. Being supportive doesn’t always mean money. It also includes your time, involvement, patience, problem solving ability, anything even if it is of simple use. There is nothing called as being largely supportive and merely supportive. A support is always a support. Men will never ask for your support voluntarily. They find it disturbing. You should rather find if he is in any sort of trouble and help him accordingly.


Every man is possessive over the girl he loves. Men are so possessive that they don’t even want their girl to get closer to his own friend. There is nothing as being suspicious and all that; each man wants their girl to look after him as the only man in the universe. He wants her complete attention and love. He will never part her with anyone.

Since you have learnt the secrets about men, it is now time for you to follow them solely and have a great life together. Cheers!