Summer trends are always refreshing and fun. It’s like designers get as invigorated from the sun and warmth as we all do. The season is an upbeat season and it shows in fashion. This year especially, as we are treated to all sorts of funky colours, patterns, and designs. So, if you are ready to liven up your wardrobe, these are the trends and outfits to go for in summer 2017.

Super bright colours

You should start by making sure your summer wardrobe is full of bright colours. We are talking about shocking yellows, bright reds and vivid blues. There is also plenty of bright pink. You can combine these different colours – bright pink and lilac as one of the top combinations – but you can also just opt for a single colour and use it from head to toes.

What are the best clothes to get in super bright colours? You want to go for a midi-dress in a bright colour. Warehouse has a beautiful Cut-Out Midi dress in bright green. You could also opt for brightly coloured jumpsuits and pair them with quirky shoes in the same colour.

Floral prints

If you are a fashionista who loves prints, then floral is to go-to print for the season. It might seem rather obvious that summer is the season for floral prints but who cares! The trends have spoken and we must follow them.

Floral prints are not boring this year. You have a lot of great colour combinations, with plenty of fabrication to add a bit more throttle to your season’s prints. There is something romantic about a floral ruffled shirt that just adds to the summer flair. Who doesn’t love a floral dress to wear at the beach?

Now, floral prints are super cute in jumpsuits. But as mentioned, ruffled shirts and skirts in a floral print should also make it to your shopping list. New Look has a great collection of floral prints to satisfy your hunger for this trend.

In addition, floral doesn’t just work in clothing. You can also use it with your accessories – floral print heels or floral handbags are a trendy way to accessorise your style this summer.

Statement stripes


Aside from floral prints, you should also consider opting for stripes. When you want to show sophistication and power, statement stripes are a choice for the independent woman. Stripes are graphic, blocky and strong this season. They are specifically good option for summer suits to wear at work.  Just like with floral prints and bright colours, stripes are meant to cover you from head to toe this summer.


Pick a statement stripe skirt and shirt from Etro or opt for a striped suit from House of Fraser. If you aren’t into going full-steam-ahead with this style, you might want to just accessorise with stripes. You can find striped flats or ballerinas or discover striped jewellery to pair up with your summer clothing.


Bikini tops with skirts and jeans


Summer 2017 will also be the season for mix and match. No longer do you need to pick clothing based on what is conservative or suitable. You can go wild and match different patterns, fabrics and styles.


In terms of the summer’s hottest mix and match pick, it has to be pairing a bikini top with a stylish shirt, trousers or jeans. You can find sexy bikini tops at affordable prices at Pick a shiny, long-length skirt to go with your top and pair it with a blazer. You have a funky, yet stylish look that’s perfect for going out with your friends.


See-through dresses


You’ll also need to add a see-through dress to your summer collection. This season is all about blurring the lines of party outfits and day-to-day looks and see through dresses are another trend to make it happen. The catwalks have featured plenty of see-through dresses, especially in pastel-hue tulles. Balletic ensembles are super popular at the moment.


Now, see-through dresses aren’t actually meant to offer a naked view of you this season. It is all about layering. Indeed, one of the hottest trends is to pair casual skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt with a see-through, slip dress. It is a super sophisticated yet fun look for the daytime. You can find beautiful see-through dresses from ASOS.


80’s feel


Overall, the summer will continue with the 80’s theme. We are talking about bold patterns, frilly clothing and tulle skirts. Fashion is still in love with the 80’s and you better get used to it as well. So, get yourself a giant silhouette-enhancing belt and a blazer that adds volume to your shoulders. When you are heading out for a party, a vinyl skirt from Mango is a must-have.


If you’d rather add the theme with a little less attention, then you can accessorise with fun 80’s products. For example, crystal earrings, hoops and decorative jewellery are definitely in vogue this summer and can add a bit of that bold flair to your conservative and modern look.


When it comes to the summer’s fashion trends, it’s all about bold, bright and fun looks. So, check the tips above and create the perfect looks for yourself in this season of love and laughter.