For some, clothes are limited to being a practical commodity – they protect you from the environment and help you look modest. However, for most, they are a lot more than that. They are the perfect outlet to express your personality and showcase your individuality and creativity. Knowing what to wear and when is an art that not everybody is great at.

“This is truffle season
Tom Ford tuxedos for no reason
All Saints for my angel
Alexander Wang too
Ass-tight denim and some Dunks

I’ll show you how to do this, young!”

Even Jay Z and Justin Timberlake know how important looking good is, or they wouldn’t have written a song about it. Your dressing does not only decide what other people perceive you as but also affects how you see yourself! But when the hot summer rolls around, you are increasingly limited in your options. It is hot and not every chic garment is a sensible option for the season.

When you value your comfort but still want to look trendy, fret not! Pairing the right accessories with your outfit can have you looking like a million bucks with minimal effort! This summer, a lot of vintage pieces have made a comeback, and there have been several new fashion accessories being introduced as well. For you to look fresh as death and sick as cancer (yes, Lana is our religion), we have prepared a list for all the items you must invest in this summer!

1.    Fanny packs are not just for traveling dads

Fanny packs have made a huge comeback, and wearing them is ultra-trendy! Belt bags are all the rage on Instagram right now. They are no longer considered an ugly, awkward accessory. Looking equally great paired with a long, flared skirt, a dress, or even slacks; these are practical, unique, and super versatile in combinations. If you, too, want to be considered up to the minute, then buckle a bold belt bag around your waist and strut your way through life.

2.    Back it up with that black baker boy hat

All of a sudden, baker boy hats started making appearances in all the major fashion cities. Super chic ladies were seen sporting them and looking more fabulous than ever. This little retro accessory can be the single element that makes or breaks your outfit. Include this powerful add-on to your ensemble to look seriously cute this summer.

3.    It’s time to revisit the Fifties!

Bring out those printed shirts your dad would wear in his youth! It’s their time to shine! These cotton or linen shirts are the best thing you can wear on a hot spring day and simultaneously, look your best. Wear it solo with relaxed leg trousers, or layer it up over a basic white t-shirt. Another way to wear them can be under a simple blazer. The bold colors and patterns on these shirts, especially with a Cuban style collar, will have you looking sleek all day long.

4.    Go traditional

Who doesn’t look good in a leather jacket?! Leather jackets are one piece of ageless fashion that has been in style since forever, and we hope they never go away. A good quality leather jacket is the perfect way to complement a toned down shirt and denim pants, or can even be worn over a little black dress to give it an even sexier twist. Throughout the ages, leather jackets have been one of our favorite accessories to add zing to a boring outfit instantly. And when you have the option to get a custom leather jacket, there is no room to go wrong here!

5.    The signature Alex Turner sunglasses

When the sun is out and shining, it is important to invest in protective eyewear. But picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses can be tricky – styles are constantly changing, and what works for you now might not work next month. Hence, it is wise to get a couple of sunglasses that have proven to be timeless. Pair some blue jeans with a white, basic t-shirt and accessorize the entire outfit with Alex Turner style sunglasses to achieve that flawless casual look. This is another outfit you can wear your leather jacket with.

6.    Search those shelves for hair accessories in washed out colors

Trust me, being minimalistic can actually make you stand out. These washed out greys, blues, and even pinks can be made to work better than the bold and loud colors at making a statement. These pieces work especially well with darker skin tones and can make a huge improvement in your entire look. Keep your hair well behaved in strong winds and turn the summer heat down a notch with hairclips and scrunchies in cool, washed out colors and pastels.

7.    Embrace streetwear footwear

Whip out those chunky white trainers and pair them with straight cut jeans and a basic shirt to achieve a casual look. We all know how white has taken over the world by storm. Be it shirts, pants, skirts, or even footwear – white is a significant trend that has infiltrated the fashion world and is here to stay. If you are someone still wearing muted black shoes, then it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone (pun intended) and put your best foot forward (pun intended) in snazzy white shoewear that steals all the attention.

8.    Wrap it up with a printed, silken scarf

Printed, silk scarfs are all the rage these days. The cute and chic appendage has been seen carried by the likes of celebrities this season. But before you go on tying the perfect neat knot around your neck, wait! Instead of wrapping it around your neck, try accessorizing your bag with it. This little piece of cloth will totally revamp your old bag and make it look utterly edgy. Try the style-savvy look yourself today and see the difference that it makes.