Becoming a parent is one of the most frightening but also the most amazing experiences in the world. Everything changes, and suddenly that small child becomes the centre of your universe. On the other hand, many women feel different after childbirth, more self-conscious and insecure, which is why it’s important to focus on raising their self-esteem. Dressing after childbirth is different than dressing during pregnancy, and if you’re hoping to look and feel amazing in your clothes, we’re here to help:

Try dungarees

Fortunately, for all new moms out there, dungarees are still in demand because they’re stylish and convenient at the same time. Breastfeeding moms will love the fact that they can quickly unbutton them and feed their babies before they become too fussy, but there are other great things about this piece too. They are also the best option for covering that problematic mid-section we all struggle with after childbirth. You will be spending a lot of time bent over and picking up your baby, and with dungarees, you’ll simply avoid that builder bum altogether. The best thing is that they come in a variety of cuts and styles, plus you can show off your style by changing the top you wear underneath and ‘spice it up’ with a couple of cool accessories.

Upgrade your diaper bag

Every new mom soon learns that leaving home on a whim is impossible as there are too many things to think about before you actually lock your front door. The baby’s needs might not be many, but they are unpredictable and even going on a short walk requires you to have an arsenal of baby wipes, diapers, pacifiers, toys, and blankies. Diaper bags are lifesavers, but they are usually very dull and uninspiring.

Fortunately, today you can find an alternative for out-dated diaper bags and pick a modern and stylish leather baby bag instead that will look great and still be spacious enough for you to put all of the things your baby needs when you leave the house. Pick a style and colour that will complement your outfit and you’ll look like you’re on your way to brunch.

Drapes and layers

Because postpartum bodies are in a state of transition and will be in that state for a while longer, it’s important to find a way to dress in such a manner that you’ll be comfortable but still look stylish. This is the time when stomachs look like deflated basketballs, and all moms want to hide that. Sweatpants might be comfy, but they’ll draw attention to the area you want to cover up. Instead, find the tops and dresses that drape over and away from your stomach. Tight-fitting cuts should be avoided if you’re not comfortable showing off our mid-section, and light fabrics that cascade over your body are a better choice. So, embrace those T-shirt and empire waist dresses, layer up with flowy kimonos and shawls, and you’ll be good to go.

Embrace the baby carrier>

It can be a real challenge to bond with your baby, and experts advise moms to spend a lot of time touching their children and talking to them. A great way to do so is to use baby carriers and slings. Not only will it help you keep your baby close, but your arms will be free, which is more important than you might think at first. In addition to this, carrying your baby this way will ‘mask’ your tummy while allowing you to bond with your child. 

It’s completely normal to feel different after childbirth and to need more time to get used to your once-again-changed body. While it might be a challenge at first, you’ll soon discover that there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to improve your mood and feel better in your skin. Be patient and allow yourself some time to get used to being a mother, because it is confidence and happiness, besides some appropriate wardrobe, which are essential if you wish to look and feel amazing in this new role.