Are you willing to participate in Pet Costume Contest 2019? If yes, it is essential for you to stay aware with the official rules related to participation. Sponsors of the show will host the contest according to the mentioned official rules. Accordingly, contest is available only for your participation in any area of the United States. Hence, you should never participate if you do not stay in the United States at the time of Pet Costume Contest entry or you are not eligible for it.


  • Entrants should essentially be the legal residents of the United States i.e. at least of 18years or above, according to the Sponsors and should reside in any of the areas defined by Nielsen Company (organizer of the event).
  • The contest area for this 2019 includes seventeen different counties in Illinois and Iowa.
  • Employees of any of the TV or radio stations, Rock Island Animal Hospital and WQAD, along with their immediate family members are ineligible to participate in the contest and to win. Here, immediate family members include siblings, spouses, parents, children, grandchildren and grandparents, along with other people residing in the same household.

Voting Period of the Contest

You may vote for your favorite contestants until 25th of October i.e. Friday at 12pm CT. Final judgment will be on 30th of October in 2019.

Entry for the Contest


To enter the contest, you have to enter the information accurately in the online entry form at the contest section mentioned in the official website. Simultaneously, you have to submit a picture of your pet in any of the Halloween costumes. To vote for your favorite contestant, you have to access the voting ballot available easily on the website’s content section. You have the right to give only one vote for one IP address in a day during the complete voting period. Each of the received entries will become the organizer’s i.e. WQAD’s property and it cannot be returned.

Authorized Account Holder

Authorized account holder is any person assigned a suitable email address by an organization or internet service provider responsible to assign email addresses for the domain related to the given address. Hence, potential winner has to show proof of his/her authorized account holder.

Selection of the Winner

The top three highest vote recipients have to come live on 30th of October 2019 on Good Morning Quad Cities. These three voters should remain available with their pets to participate in the final judging event on the same day from morning 5 am to 7 am. If any of the top three vote recipients fail to attend the event, the contestant with the next highest numbers of the vote will become the substitute. WQAD officials will contact the top three vote recipients on the 25th of October after 12 pm. Finally, the judges’ panel will select the winner on 30th October 2019 during Good Morning Quad Cities event.