At the advent of mobile phones, people were so happy that they can establish their connectivity with fellow beings living far away. The irony is that the connectivity and attachment which people believed to happen was ruined away.

Gone were the days when people used to remember the numbers of their beloved ones by heart. Nowadays, who wishes to take the painful task of remembering numbers, when you are busy updating your facebook status. Social networking sites like facebook, twitter and whatsapp have taken our lives by the scruff of the neck. People firmly believe that sharing status and photos on to these sites through their smart phones is more interesting and intriguing than expressing the same to their loved ones. We keep logging in and out of our profiles continuously, just to check the number of likes and comments on our stuff online. But we never want to share the same thing to the person who will definitely appreciate us.

Staying online for the whole day and never being able to spend some time with your loved one is of no good. Close in the communication gap. This lack of communication can strain your relationship in the long run.

When you want to convey something to your loved one; go find them in person and express them rather than just texting and calling them over the phone. This surely will increase the impact on the listener and also makes them understand the importance that you have for them.

There’s this incident which happened last week. I took my girl to this wonderful location, full of scenic beauty. I thought she will be pretty pleased with me and so we can have some great time with each other. But to my bad luck she started taking selfies of herself with a backdrop of the exotic location and started uploading them through her smart phone.

She did not stop with that she also updated her location, detailing its beauty and blah blahs. What is the use of updating your status as ‘enjoying at so and so location’; when you actually don’t spend some time to feel it in the reality? You are just wasting your time in your smart phone. Learn to enjoy each and every moment with your loved one. Those beautiful moments will never return. People change but memories don’t; they stay forever.

People have now developed the habit of sleeping up next to their smart phone and the next day when they woke up; the first thing we do is to look up at their phone for any notifications. We forget that the real person who is caring for us is sitting right there; looking at us with Zero expectations.

We will never know the value of the thing in possession. It is when we lose it; we will realize its true value. The same goes with relationships too. Safe guard your relationship with care and affection. Never underestimate any relationship you have. When we are sad and left alone, it will not be our smart phone that will comfortable us. It is going to be the person we love who is going to make us feel better.

Keep off your smart phones for a week. Spend some quality time with your better half, away from the world of commotions. You will surely realize that there are far more beautiful things in the world than your dumb (smart) phone.