Nearly 45% of couples getting married today visit a marriage counselor before they even say their “I dos.”

And of those couples, over 90% of them say they were happy with the experience and received the skills and tools they need to overcome their problems and enjoy wedded bliss.

Don’t think marriage counseling is right for you and your spouse? You may want to think again!

Here are a few reasons why you and your spouse should consider marriage counseling.

Before the Wedding

Before you even walk down the aisle, you and your soon-to-be spouse may want to consider scheduling an appointment with a marriage counselor.

Taking that final plunge into the world of matrimony can be stressful, intimidating, and a bit different from engagement.

A marriage counselor will be able to help you and your future partner navigate the transition into the next stage of your relationship. After all, a good, long-lasting marriage needs to have a sturdy foundation.

After Infidelity

While infidelity is not nearly as common as Hollywood would lead you to believe, it does occasionally happen. And, even when cheating does occur, that does not necessarily spell the end of a marriage.

That said, if a spouse cheats, marriage counseling is essential to the survival of the union.

A marriage counselor will help uncover the cause of the infidelity and help couples determine whether or not the relationship can recover.

Issues With Intimacy

Hiring a counselor to help with sexual issues or trouble with intimacy can be challenging. These types of problems tend to be highly personal, and learning to open up to a stranger can present quite a hurdle.

That said, there’s nothing you can present a practiced marriage counselor with that they haven’t heard before.

Your counselor will be able to help you and your spouse, find a way to talk about your more intimate problems in a safe and comfortable environment.

After all, ignoring some issues and hoping they sort themselves out rarely works. Facing them head-on can be intimidating, but, a marriage counselor can help guide you.

A Breakdown in Communication

Sometimes, life gets in the way of even the happiest marriages. And, when that happens, communication between partners can deteriorate.

Whether long hours and job-related stress are coming between you, or tragedy has fractured your ability to share your emotions, a marriage counselor will be able to help you navigate whatever is causing your issues.

Your counselor will also be able to help you and your partner find new ways to practice your communication skills and give you the tools you need to avoid and overcome issues in the future.

Just Because

Think of your marriage like a car.

If you want to keep your car running at it’s best, you don’t wait for a catastrophic breakdown before taking it into the shop. Every few months, you bring it in for a tune-up and to make sure everything is working as it should.

Even if you’re perfectly happy in your marriage, seeking the help of a marriage counselor every few months can help keep you and your partner on the same page and tackle any minor issues before they snowball into longterm resentment.

Finding the Right Marriage Counselor for Your

Now that you know why you may want to consider visiting a marriage counselor, it’s time to find the right one for your case.

Experts like Robin Bryant, Ph.D., have years of experience helping couples navigate the trials and tribulations that can come with marriage.

Read up on marriage counselors in your area, or consider asking around for recommendations.

The Key to a Long and Happy Marriage

Now that you know when and why you and your partner should visit a marriage counselor, why not take another plunge and set your first appointment?

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