If you’re like most people, colors make your look a lot more fun and polished. Some people are born skinny. Others have to work for it. The rest of us have to wear clothes to look thin. Luckily, a few tricks can help anyone look slimmer in their clothes. One of them is wearing the right color! Finding the perfect balance between how much color and how little color to wear is key. Too much color can be overwhelming and unflattering, too little color can make you look drab and lifeless. Opt for right color that will flatter your body in the best way possible.

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Right color to Wear to Make You Look Slim

  1. Black

This is an obvious choice when it comes to looking slim. Black is slimming because it absorbs light and makes your body look longer and leaner. It also works well with any skin tone and matches everything, so you can wear it year-round, no matter what the weather is like outside. Black is also versatile because it looks great with every color from red to blue to yellow and green — even purple! If you’re not sure how to incorporate black into your wardrobe, start by adding just one item, such as a pair of pants or blazer in this classic color. Then take it from there and add more pieces as you become more comfortable wearing black on the regular.

  1. Dark Brown

Try dark brown if you want to add some color to your wardrobe while still creating the same effect. Dark brown is another excellent option to create contrast and make your body look slimmer. Dark brown tends to be one of those colors that everyone seems to have in their closet, so it’s easy to find clothing in this shade. Try pairing it with lighter colors such as white or cream for a sophisticated look that won’t overwhelm the eyes.

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  1. Gray

Gray is great for those who don’t like to wear black too often because it doesn’t draw attention away from your face as black does. Gray is a neutral right color that can be paired with almost anything. You can even pair it with black for an edgier look or with white and other shades of gray for a more sophisticated look.

  1. Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic color for making you look slim. It works well with nearly any skin tone and is a classic choice for pants and jackets. Navy blue also tends to be a flattering choice for women looking to hide problem areas like their hips or thighs. Wear navy blue pants on your lower half to make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier. You can also wear a navy blue top with black pants to help you achieve a more streamlined appearance.

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The Bottom Line

Matching shades to your body type helps you achieve the illusion of a smaller size and it’s something everyone could benefit from as we continue to shrink in our seats from the overabundance of delicious food during the holidays. If you’ve got a few extra pounds to lose and want to look slimmer without feeling squeezed into an uncomfortable garment, the right color mentioned above should come in handy.