Red carpet events are ideal for publicity and for engaging with the public. Hosting a show-stopping event involves a huge investment of money and time. So, the planning and preparation of such events is a very critical step.

If planned carefully, the mileage from the investment goes much beyond the timing of the event. For instance, it’s important to arrange for a good photographer. The pictures of the event can be sent to local newspapers and shared via social media for days to come. In order to generate increased awareness of your brand or organization, the photographs can be clicked in front of custom step and repeat banners and then shared on different platforms, says Backdrop Banner Printing, a leading New York based company specializing in event backdrop design and printing.

So, here are some things that you must consider when hosting a red carpet event.

Types of Red Carpet Events

Red carpet events are perfect for promoting something related to entertainment. It could be a launch party, a premiere, an auction, a ball or even a charity event. The nature of the event will determine the basic design of the step and repeat banner.

Outside the Hall or Auditorium

Often, people take great care in preparing the interiors of the hall or auditorium where the event is planned. They go out of their way to decorate it and spend a huge sum of money on large backdrop printing. While this is important, the exteriors also need a great deal of attention. This is the first thing that the guests will see. Here’s where the guests will walk on the red carpet. Here’s where you will greet them and take them into the hall. Most importantly, this is the section that is visible to those who haven’t been invited to the event. Apart from a high-quality red carpet, ensure this space has an attractive step and repeat banner mentioning details of the event.

List of Duties with Names of Owner

There will be a zillion things to be done. It’s best if you create an exhaustive list of all the tasks and assign them to different people. Write down their names against each task, along with the timelines for completion. Don’t hesitate to delegate. Although hold regular meetings to get an update of the progress. You will also need to prepare a separate task list for the day of the event and assign responsibilities. Everyone should understand their own tasks, while also being aware of the entire schedule of the complete event.

Plan Months in Advance

Begin planning for the red carpet event at least six months in advance. This will give you enough time to book the desired venue and invite all the guests. It will also give you time to have all the decorations ready, including custom step and repeat and large backdrop printing. Everything needs to be chosen carefully. For instance, select fabric step and repeat banners, as these are better for events with press coverage and bright lights and where quality matters more than price.