Being well dressed in formals is true identification of a polished and courteous man. Even if you are one on the inside, you need to look one on the outside also. If you need to look suave and smart, you need to wear you suit like a professional. This post is all about all the minute details that you need to be careful about to wear a suit in style.

# Jacket

A jacket has many elements that you need to focus on to look great.

  • Lapel width of your coat should be similar to the width of your tie. Narrow lapels are trending these days rather than the old fashioned broad lapels.
  • Pocket squares that you choose need to be catchy and slightly different from the tie and other accessories, but still matching with them. They add a flare to your suit.
  • Darts are folds of stitching on your jacket and impart a well fitted look. You need to make sure that the darts are at their thinnest near collars and buttons.
  • Sleeve length makes a lot of difference when it comes to a nice and well fitted jacket. The ideal length for the same should be half inch above the shirt cuff. A very long jacket sleeve will make you look messy. Too short sleee will also give an unprofessional look.
  • Shoulders need to well fitted and need to look natural. The shoulders in the suit may be non padded, lightly or even heavily padded.
  • Lower button on the jacket should always be kept open in order to allow some movement. Most of the jackets have two or three buttons. If the jacket has three buttons, you always need to secure the middle button and leave the rest two open.
  • The armhole needs to have a high cut in order to have a great fit. If it will be too big, the jacket will go up if you lift your arms. This gives a clumsy look and destroys the overall appearance.

# Pants

Pant plays an equally important role in looking great. It needs to be well fitted.

  • Pleats in the pant look good but lean men should avoid wearing pleated trousers as they have a puffy look. It can be worn if wearing as a complete suit. You need to remember to always wear your pants on your waist.
  • Trousers have a wrinkle when they fall on the shoes known as break. The ideal length for the trouser is when it has a small break. Having too much of these wrinkles gives a floppy look.
  • The seat in the trouser needs to be well fitted. You need to ensure that there are no wrinkles or u-bunching at the back of your trouser. This will prevent any embarrassment of the pants that wedgie up and made fun of.

# Accessories

There many accessories that can be chosen to enhance the overall look. The most important accessories available are.

  • Tie is the best and most important accessory to pair with a suit. The tie needs to blend well with your suit but should not be too flashy. The perfect length of a tie is when it reaches the top of your belt’s buckle.
  • Tie bar is great accessory look wise and is used to keep the tie in place. The right length for tie bar should be not more than ¾ of the width of the tie.
  • Lapel pins look great and enhance the appeal of your attire. They need to match your ties and pocket square and other accessories like watch, cufflinks etc. It needs to be pinned securely to the lapel.
  • Cufflinks come in a variety of options like stone studded and titanium ones for formal occasions. Silk and other cufflinks made from various fabric types are used for less formal occasions. Cufflinks are designed for french cuffed shirts.
  • Pocket squares enhance your overall look. You can choose from a variety of options. You need to choose a color and design that compliments your outfit. Flashy and contrasting ones can also be chosen for a pop of color.

To learn more about Men’s suit cheat sheet, have look at the following infographic shared by Apparel99.


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