Spring is here and it’s time to get the party started! Everyone loves a good get-together, but organizing a party that’s not a dud takes some serious work and planning. But, don’t worry! Here’s a little guide that will ensure your party is a success.

Pick the right date

If you want your party to succeed, you need to have enough people. So, make sure to plan carefully, pick the right date and send invites in time. If there’s a big event coming up or if you know your friends organize Friday barbeques, choose a different date when everyone’s free. Also, make sure to consider parking, traffic and commute time, since they can all affect your attendance! After you pick a day, send invites, so people know to save the date.

Make a good guest list

Of course, your guests are coming to see you, but they also want to mingle and meet new people. So, don’t hesitate to invite your work colleagues, high school and uni friends, family, and neighbors, and watch the magic happen. Just make sure to limit your list to only the people you know. Plus ones are okay, but a bunch of party crashers showing up can really mess up the atmosphere.

Serve some great food


Drinking on an empty stomach might help with getting everyone tipsy fast, but it will not be a pleasant kind of tipsy. So, make sure to provide bowls of snacks and trays of finger food. However, if you’re organizing a more sophisticated event, you can hire an expert to cook for you and your guests. For instance, you can contact the people from At Your Table and book your private chef for the night. You will get only the best and trendiest meals prepared right in your kitchen while you entertain your guests. They even wash the dishes!

Choose the right drinks

If you’re organizing a wild party with a lot of real party people, you’ll have exactly zero problems getting them to dance and mingle. However, a smaller event can start a little slow! That’s why you must hit your guests with some strong drinks at the beginning to get everyone to loosen up. Handing out party shooters might just do the trick!

Let the music play

Music is one of the most important elements of every party, no matter if it’s a simple get-together or a wild over-the-top event. Make sure your playlist is long and versatile (with an accent on popular tunes) so that everyone can jam. If you really want to be thorough music-wise, try to time your playlist so it starts slow, hits all the must upbeat tunes in the middle of the party and then calms down as the evening comes to an end. Also, try to minimize the chance of your drunk friend grabbing your iPod and playing their songs, interrupting the flow.

Have a wild card


Everyone knows that one person that is the life of every party and can get everyone dancing and having fun. Make sure to invite them and your party will certainly not be boring. Also, there are other ways to make your event more interesting. For instance, creating a theme will get everyone in the mood and provide you with amazing Instagram photos! Organize a crazy hat party, ‘90s party or base your event on one country and its culture (just make sure no one is culturally insensitive).

There you have it, all the main points of organizing a successful house party that will have conversations flowing, people dancing and everyone having a good time. Just remember to relax and enjoy your event. After all, you didn’t go through all the planning and organizing just to watch everyone else have a blast!