Skin, being your body’s biggest organ, demands constant and our unconditional care in all spheres of life. With time, logically, it tends to age just like we do, and that is a completely natural process that we simply cannot avoid. However, there are a few things that can be done to slow down and reverse that process. Since collagen and elastic fibers, that give strength and firmness to the skin, start weakening, our skin begins showing off spots, wrinkles, fatty sags. Those aging elements can be reversed with diligent care and immaculate attention, which might take patience and time. Here are some of the ways to reverse premature aging skin.

Intake foods rich in calcium and antioxidants

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To make your skin look glowing, younger and healthier, you need to reshape your food intake and consume a variety of healthy foods. Foods rich in antioxidants can do miracles to the outlook of your skin. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, dark chocolate, blueberry, red apple and so on, will be beneficial in reversing the skin aging process. It is advisable to eat loads of foods that contain calcium because they help us build up bone density essential for healthy skin support. Your goal is to maintain a healthy and balanced skin tone in order to reverse premature aging, and you can easily achieve that by implementing high-intensity calcium and antioxidant diet.

Facial acupuncture

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The process of aging is more noticeable on the face, because aging spots, fine lines, and wrinkles on face and neck tend to be more exposed on the face. Acupuncture, as an ancient massage treatment, is proven to have a long lasting result on aging facial skin. Many celebrities opt for this magnificent Chinese practice which involves extremely thin needles being pierced through your skin. That massage then relaxes your muscles, increases circulation, and tightens the skin tone. Your skin won’t be so prone to outside hazardous weather, and the surface will be smoother and healthier. What is more, by going to regular monthly acupuncture treatments, experts say that it can also help your skin retain its youthful flare.

Boost up your skin


There are numerous facial skin creams that can really help it regain its juvenile strength. Unfortunately, the process can be rather tedious and the results are not always as lucrative as you might have expected. Aging skin loses its elasticity very fast, wrinkles appear all of a sudden, and bands of fat accumulate even around the neck. Many creams cannot help you gain the results you strive for. Therefore, you might consider doing a neck lift procedure, in which case, you should consult with experts such as those from Panthea plastic surgery in order to get the most effective and immediate results. Facial surgery has totally advanced in this modern age, and it has become painless and with fabulous results. Boosting the look of your aging skin with some of the facial surgery will surely give you more successful effect.

Skin yoga

As we do exercise to gain resilience, stamina, and energy, we can do the same with the facial muscles. They get loose over time and the skin can drop if the muscles aren’t firm enough, and for that reason, you can do some facial or skin exercise to regain its strength and stamina. Skin yoga is a process where you grip some of your facial muscles, for example, your cheeks, neck, and lips, and hold them firmly in one position, then slowly release them. By doing facial yoga you improve the circulation, tighten the muscle tone, and that increased blood flow helps your skin remain firm and strong. Like all other exercises, for perfect and lasting results you need to be persistent and do yoga daily.

Shield your skin from the sun

There cannot be enough precautions and emphasis on wearing proper and quality sun protection. Even though we cannot wait to go outside on a beautiful sunny day, our skin may not be so excited. Overexposure to the heavy and dangerous sun rays in the peek of the summer season can leave very negative consequences on the skin. However, those consequences cannot be seen immediately, but they are noticeable with aging. Wearing suncream even in winter, for that matter, is a must. Always have at least 25 SPF factor in your purse in order to protect your precious skin. The same rule applies to sunglasses. Dermatologists advise wearing them all the time because they have a positive effect on your eyes and skin.

Do effective scrubbing and moisturizing

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Skin dryness is one of the causes of premature aging. Dry skin can make your skin appear much older then it really is, so moisturizing it on a daily basis should be on the top of your list. Get a quality moisturizer and refresh your skin always in the morning and before you go to bed at night. When the skin is moisturized enough, it will stay fresh, soft, smooth and clean. On the other hand, scrubbing can be effective when it comes to decreasing the wrinkles and fine lines and pores that have accumulated due to aging. By exfoliating the skin with a light scrub you will even up those aging effects and improve the texture of your skin.

Cut certain drinks

As paying attention to your food intake is crucial to having healthier skin, so is the amount and type of drinks you consume. First of all, drinking plenty of water is a must. Scientists recommend drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day if you wish to have clean and healthy-looking skin and healthy skin means slowing the aging process. Besides drinking more water, if you want to keep your skin nurtured and wrinkles-free you need to utterly cut down on alcohol and coffee. Diuretics, such as cola, soda, and coffee are youth cell killers, and alcohol dries your skin and makes it look older than you really are.

Laugh out loud, be on the fresh more often, clean your skin with fresh water and try not to frown. By doing that and following the above-mentioned ideas, you will undoubtedly reverse the premature aging process.