If you’ve been with your partner for a considerable amount of time and they still can’t get themselves to accompany you on trips, this article is for you. It is not always easy to persuade someone who doesn’t fancy the idea of traveling to take an extended vacation with you. It will be even harder if your relationship is still young.

If your relationship is young, you don’t need to take the denial personally. Actually, even if you’ve been dating for long, your partner turning down opportunities to travel together is never personal.

The fact that you get to travel a lot means that you are in control of your time and that you don’t work in a traditional working environment. The average workplace usually gives about 2 weeks of paid vacation. If your partner works at such a place, persuading them to travel with you when they have already exhausted the two weeks paid vacation offer is going to be a tall order.
Other logistics to consider include family commitments and expenses such as food, hotels and flights. Assuming the logistics favor both of you, here’s how you should go about persuading your partner to travel with you.

Get Used to Doing Fun Things Together

Getting your partner to travel with you is basically getting them to partake in a fun activity you love so much but in which they have very little interest in.
To get used to the idea of the two of you having fun doing adventurous activities together, actively pursue hobbies both of you enjoy. This will get your partner in the headspace that they enjoy spending time with you. You’re together because you are compatible. Hobbies and passions are a huge part of that.
With time, they will be looking for excuses to spend more time doing fun things with you. When such a moment arrives, it becomes easier to invite them to accompany you on a trip.

Talk about Your Travel Experiences

One of the most effective ways to sell the idea of traveling being fun is to share your awesome travel experiences. If you’ve been traveling for some time, you probably already have a host of such tales.
The more you share about your travels, the more your partner will appreciate your adventures and begin to take an interest in your travel-related hobbies. They will be more responsive the next time you invite them to come along.

Let Them Know That Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Costly

One of the factors hindering people from traveling is the idea that it is costly. While it definitely costs money to travel, not all travel experiences come at a steep price. You can have a lot of fun without digging deep into your pockets if you know where to look.
Some people might get defensive when the topic of money is brought up. Knowing this, navigate the issue tactfully so they don’t become defensive and shoot down the ideas you present.

Let Your Travel Photos Do the Talking

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Nothing will tell a better tale of your travel experiences than your travel photo album. If you captured most of the interesting moments during your travels, you won’t have any trouble persuading anyone to take an interest in traveling.
After perusing your amazing photos, they might even start begging you to take them with you the next time you start packing your carry on. It’s easy to resist an invitation to go on a vacation when your mind has not yet fully conceived the idea. Once the mind fully understands what travel is all about, turning down a vacation opportunity will not be easy at all.

Start with Laid Back Travel Experiences

The first time you get your partner to travel with you, aim at making them as comfortable as possible. This means that you should forego things like camping trips and choose luxury accommodations instead.
If you can afford it, going on a beach holiday in a renowned exotic destination can work wonders. It’s hard to find someone who dislikes beach vacation when the destination offers other great things besides expansive white sandy beaches.
To start you can go to a destination like the Caribbean. The Caribbean boasts of world-class beaches, turquoise blue waters, and luxurious all-inclusive resorts. Just make sure you book the romantic couples all-inclusive, not the family-friendly resort, and you will put even the most hardened travel-hater at ease.

Let Them Choose, But Do the Planning

Your first trip together should be a treat to your partner. Let them choose the destination. Every person in the world, even if they hate traveling, has some place they would really love to visit. They could have seen the destination in a movie they liked or in their favorite magazine, or heard their friends talk fondly about it.
It’s their first trip with you and they have the license to do the choosing. Nonetheless, since you are the seasoned traveler, so do most of the planning. This alleviates most of the pressure associated with traveling and ensures that you have a great first-time experience traveling as a couple.