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Kitchens of today took over the central role of the home from living rooms, and people pay more and more attention to their designs and practicality. If you’re considering remodeling or refreshing your old kitchen or just love to be up-to-date with interior design crazes, here are some kitchen trends you should keep an eye on in 2018.

Quartz is the new black

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Out with the boring old granite and in with quartz. Quartz will be what it’s all about when it comes to countertops in the upcoming year. It’s popular thanks to its durability, big array of finish options and its wide variety of colors. Plus, it’s fresh and new when it comes to kitchens.

Eco-friendly wood

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You should know by now just how popular it is to be green and eco-friendly and it’s a trend that should be encouraged. Materials such as reclaimed wood are becoming a popular choice for countertops, cabinets and shelves. Unlike natural stone, wood is renewable, but reclaimed wood is even better for the environment. Reclaimed wood is sustainable, eco-friendly and cheap which makes it suitable for all budgets. It also has a certain charm and personality because of its history and it fits perfectly into any rustic kitchen.

Kitchen colors of 2018

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If you’re looking for a hot color choice for your kitchen, opt for two-toned designs and warm dark color pallets. Colors such as ginger, clay, copper and gold will be seen everywhere next year. Nature will have a strong influence on kitchen colors, so you can opt for all sorts of green and earthy hues. Also, dark bold colors are still going strong and will be trendy in the future. However, the star of 2018 will probably be blue and all its shades. It will be seen in everything from cabinets and islands to shelves, chairs and appliances. But, you must be careful with blues. They tend to give every space a certain vintage and rustic feel, no matter how contemporary and high-tech your kitchen is. So, if you prefer a more modern look, it’s best to avoid this color.

Transitional style

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Transitional kitchens are super interesting and many people decide to incorporate the transitional style into their homes. It offers a great variety of materials, textures and colors, and includes the mixture of vintage and contemporary elements. The combination of styles and elements allows you to experiment with tradition and modernity which many people want. For instance, you can have a trendy urban apartment and a rustic kitchen with natural and traditional features, or opt for a sleek modern kitchen for your vintage home. Feel free to combine contemporary and fashionable designer lighting fixtures and high-tech appliances like those from Maytag with natural and rustic style arrangement of wood and ceramic tiles. Even though this trend is relatively new, we can expect to see it more and more in 2018 and upcoming years.

Metal is taking over

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Metals such as brass and copper used to be personae non-gratae in the kitchen, but now they are having a great comeback. Copper will be seen in faucets and hoods, and brass will be used for all sorts of decorative touches from door handles to island decoration. Gold is also taking over our kitchens. Although it is not cheap, it’s super fashionable and even the smallest gilded details will make your kitchen feel more luxurious.

So, if you are thinking of kitchen renovation or remodel, hopefully, these new trends will inspire you to stay fashionable in 2018. These trends are not only beautiful but also practical. They will turn any kitchen into a center of the home where you and your family can spend time and hang out with each other.

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