Want to decorate your home in a limited budget? Sounds difficult but it is very well possible. You don’t need to spend heftily to design your house or give it a makeover. You can have the most eye catchy home décor in limited budget if you apply your creative self to it. Whether you are designing your home from scratch or opting for a makeover, here are the low budget home décor ideas worth giving a try!

Make a list of what you have!

Whether it is a wall hanging or a candle stand, put it up on the list. Listing out the things that you have to decorate your home would make things easier for you when you actually start designing. Take a note of the décor stuff that you already have and also match your taste. Reusing these things can bring down your expenses. Many things can be refurbished to match the modern décor. Think of that old chair in the corner or the coffee table not used for years. Note down everything on a piece of paper and then start evaluating. Segregate those items in three categories – Usable, Refurbish, and Scrap. Things will become easier for you. Unnecessary clutter can be avoided. This issue won’t be there for fresh designing, but still, you can go ahead with this exercise if you have received any gifts or made any purchase in anticipation.

Paint and paper

If you cannot afford those attractive pieces of art to decorate your house, it is good to play with paint and paper. Paint the walls in the decorative way. Use texture and stencils to highlight the wall. Make your own stencil on hard board and use it to have unique artwork on the wall and that to for free! Moreover you will love to flaunt your work every time a friend visits you. Designer wall papers can be used to cover the entire wall or small pieces can be used to decorate the wall units. Add a wooden frame around the piece of wall paper to get the low cost piece of décor. The extra piece of wall paper left after decorating the bedroom wall can be used to make the classic wall hanging for the living room. This will save you cost and reduce wastage as well.

Fabrics for the dash of color!

Home Décor Ideas

You don’t need an expensive piece of décor every time to make your home look beautiful. Fabrics with textured patterns can also do the job. Different fabrics can be used in the form of curtains, bed covers, carpets, sofa covers, cushion cases, and in various other ways to add freshness to the décor. An embroidered piece of cloth without any framing would work as instant wall décor. You can remove it, fold it, and put it in your closet to replace with a new piece of artwork. This will give you a new look every time and it is easy to store as well!

Create your own story

Your home is your canvas, paint it your way! Make every nook and corner speak about you and your family. Hobbies and passions can be the part of décor. These things work as the conversation starter at some times. Music, art, sports, cooking, or whatever your hobby be, just display it with creativity. Let people know you from your home décor. Make clusters of pictures on one wall to speak your story.
Design your home to make it comfortable, inviting, and happy. You don’t need costly chandelier or expensive artworks every time. Just few things and lot of creativity would make your home the perfect place to live!