Television can bring any vista from around the world right to your living room or bedroom. However, nothing compares to the feel of the sand under your feet on a beach, the smell of wet grass at a racecourse or the bustling crowd chanting the names of your favorite sports stars inside a stadium. America is the ultimate destination of all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports. A new genre of tourism is finally making the best use of US’s love for sports and the tourist’s love for thrills.

Sports tourism can take you to some of the historical places where sportspersons have made and broken records. It can also give you a taste of all the live action you have always been craving for.

Here are a few of the top sports destinations and events you simply cannot miss on your next sports fuelled trip across the USA.

NASCAR races

US cities host about 35 NASCAR races around the year for the audiophiles. People from all around the world go to share their excitement, joy, and hope during the racing seasons. Usually, racing seasons begin in February in the southern states of the USA. So definitely research a bit and book your tickets in advance for the major NASCAR races of the next season.


Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the 50 states. Apart from the hundreds of Hollywood movies singing lore about the stars of eras bygone and emerging stars of this decade, USA has multiple ways to celebrate this adrenaline thumping sport. The NFL has 32 teams, and you can catch one or more of their 16 major games between September and December every year. Just remember to book your tickets in advance to avoid the rush.

Horse racing

Horse racing is one of the most fabled and glorious sporting events of the USA. You can catch any of the smaller races during the season, or you can target the Triple Crown races that take the racing world by storm each year. Getting a front row seat to the world’s hottest horse racing events might be difficult. The crowds at the Breeders Cup and Kentucky Derby are more significant than they look on TV. Better put on your saddles before it is too late to watch live horse racing this upcoming season!


Baseball has a much more relaxed feel that is great for kids too. If you are traveling with children and family, an afternoon at the fields is the best way to soak up some sun and bask in the real sportsmanship of the US baseball community. 30 major league teams play 160 games throughout the week. Just check up on the schedule of your favorite teams or your preferred stars before you head out.

Along with the thrill, joy and family time, you will get plenty of time to walk around the stadiums. Most of the major league playgrounds, popular stadiums, and historic race courses are in legendary cities and extraordinary localities that offer a slice of the real local culture that no coordinated tour package can provide.