The fashion industry has been a dominant one for centuries and will continue dominating for more ages to come. Because of the high demand in the fashion industry, it is an unbeatable supplier of jobs, careers and both emerging and established entrepreneurs. Many are taking advantage of changes in society and taking the plunge to establish businesses of their own by becoming fashion consultants. Fashion consultancy or better known as stylists or image consultants is a rapid growing sector of the fashion industry. The best way to learn how to become a consultant is by gaining knowledge on how to help individuals boost their personal or professional images. From helping clients choose the best ensemble for various occasions to traveling and inputting on the most flattering and statement provoking styles. The first steps to becoming a fashion consultant are to fulfill an arts in fashion program, acquire fashion consulting experience and stand out with certification.

Fulfill an arts in fashion program

One of the best ways of increasing knowledge in a certain industry is by completing an educational program within that field. To become a fashion consultant, there aren’t minimal educational requirements, but personal shopping, fashion styling and retail sales experience proves to be a great starting point. Although there are positions that require a bachelor’s degree or formal education, it isn’t always required. It is highly recommended for consultants looking to invest in their business to follow formal training and study fashion design, learn about various body types, assess different attires and master marketing their services. Educational programs also dig into textiles and learning to effectively predict fashion trends. Another great tip on how to be a consultant is learning to cultivate your own fashion image to reflect your expertise.

Acquire fashion consulting experience

Most fashion consultants tend to commence their fashion career in retail sales, where they learn the most on various styles, popular brands and fitting. Many retail or department stores hire individuals as salespeople and are given opportunity to advance to personal shoppers. This is the first experience to learn developing an image and a small base of clients. If provided with the pathway to enter, accepting an opportunity as assistant to a personal stylist will significantly enhance knowledge working with designers, distributors and professionals in public relations. The possibilities are endless as a fashion consultant because they lie in styling for clothing magazines, television shows, celebrities, personal branding, distributors and many more. There is no perfect space to embark on gaining experience because as long as it deals with fashion, you’re always learning and improving your skills.

Stand out with certification

Although, it isn’t always necessary, securing certification in fashion consultancy will be helpful. Because the industry tends to become populated with individuals with dreams and passionate love for fashion, certifications help in standing out. There are various resources and programs like the Association of Image Consultants Internationalthat presents options to secure fashion consultant certifications. To apply, a formal working portfolio is required, along with the passing of a written exam. Certified consultants are also required to advance with continuous educational courses every 3 years to retain their already earned certifications.

Fashion, like entertainment, is one of those industries that will never die and will never go away, but is consistently improving. There’s no wonder why it is constantly growing as one of the biggest fields for entrepreneurs and consultants. To become a fashion consultant, fulfilling a fashion program, gaining consulting experience and getting certified are the first steps to becoming recognized.