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Once upon a time, in a faraway land, black was a tabooed color. It was associated with anything dark and sinister, gloomy and deriving from evil. Then one day, a fashionista woke up and revolutionized this outcast of a color. She added a dash of accessories, with a pinch of color and a splash of style and voila! The little black dress miraculously became the belle of the ball!

Ok, so maybe it did not quite go that way… or did it? Either way, something magical must have happened because a color that once represented negativity can now be dolled up to be the hottest little number at the wedding. So much so that the little black dress was emerged as hot wedding attire!

Slay That Wedding by Accessorizing Your Little Black Dress with Style and Flare.

The Little Black Dress for the Fashion-Centric Woman

The little black dress (LBD) is a staple. Every classy, fashion-centric woman should have at least one of these fashion head-turners in her closet. Whether your LBD is on duty for a night out with the girls, setting the tone for a long, playful evening on date night or simply the go-to dress at your business dinner, this piece can make a loud fashion statement that cannot go unnoticed.

Now that the secret is out, let us feature this little cutie pie as a guest at a stylish wedding. Yes, weddings!  The LBD can be just as classy as any other dress, if not classier, to attend at any matrimonial ceremony. Once you correctly accessorize your little black dress, this show stopper will transform into an elegant, yet playful fashion piece.

6 Ways to Accessorize Your Little Black Dress So Its Fit for a Formal Wedding

Below are some ideas on how to turn your little hot black number into a piece that deems you “the guest who stole the evening” at any wedding:

1. Accessorize Your Little Black Dress with Pearls

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Pearls are classy and sophisticated and can be donned at an elegant affair such as a wedding. Why not pair the little black dress with some pearls to make your outfit an unforgettable one?

Black and white is an all-time favorite. When white pearls are coupled with the black dress, the possibilities are endless. It is classy and perfect for any high-end, upscale or other formal occasion.

Whether you go with pearl studs or drop earrings, a long pearl necklace or a choker, pearl bracelets or bangles, these gems will definitely give you a high-end, edgy look that will have fellow guests green with envy.

2. Accessorize Your Little Black Dress with Bright Colors

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We can all agree that the little black dress is more than capable of holding its own. No questions there. However, adding a little color won’t hurt. In fact, adding some bright colors just might create that splash of glamour that you have been looking for to wear to the wedding.

Add your hues of reds, blues, yellows, greens and fuchsias – whatever adds a bold and vivacious look that makes your entire outfit scream “stylish”. You will achieve that desired look with your already gorgeous dress. Adding multicolored pearls will give your little black dress a sophisticated look.

3. Accessorize Your Little Black Dress with Patterns

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If you’re gonna be bold, why not go all out and be bolder than bold? Be daring with your patterns. Infuse polka dots, stripes, plaids, chevrons and the like with your little black wedding dress.

Black already has a stigma attached. No need to get gloomy! Add your favorite pattern to your stunning dress and become the star of the show (No offense to Mrs. Bride)

4. Accessorize Your Little Black Dress with Metallics

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When we think of metallics being added to outfit, what naturally comes to mind are metallic jewelry pieces. However, the LBD is way too versatile to limit it to just metallic jewelry!

Your wedding shoes, belts handbag and hair accessories can all be metallic and add that desired fashion statement. You name it, it can be metallic. Not only will you have a look that’s edgy yet chic like a rock star donning your metallic accessories with your LBD, your wedding outfit will be on the lists of the most stunning fashionistas of the evening!

5. Accessorize Your Little Black Dress with a Brooch

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Your grandmother and (probably) your mother found these babies to be trendy. But don’t hide your brooch away in a box just yet. Brooches may be an oldie, but it is definitely a goodie!

They are beautiful additions to your little black dress. Whether your brooch is in the same color as you dress, a mixture of colors or simply one that contrasts against your LBD, it will add a touch of style, separating you from the rest of the crowd at the wedding.

6. Accessorize Your Little Black Dress with Your Smile

You gathered all your accessories and your little black dress and you’re off to attend your friend’s wedding. But in the rush of things, you forgot your most important fashionable accessory – your smile!

On this day, as you go out to support the bride and groom and celebrate with them as they embark on this truly magnificent journey called marriage, show off your pearly whites.

Relax. And smile!!! After all, what is an outfit if it is not completed with your most invaluable accessory? How do you accessorize your little black dress for weddings and other formal occasions?