We want our day to be perfect for us, and one of the things you were thinking is, what would be the best attire for you on this day? Along with it is a perfect pair of shoes. Picking the right pair of shoes can change the mood of your entire look into a higher level.

On buying new shoes, always keep in mind that, despite the style or your fashion in mind, you don’t want to feel or endure any pain for the sake of looking stylish. You must also consider its functionality and the comfort needed for a healthier foot.

Here are the things you could consider to pick the right shoes that will suit you:

Check Your Feet Size

Check the size of your feet before anything else. It indicates the length and the width of your feet. Knowing your foot size is the first thing to contemplate to obtain the right shoe for you.

If you need a guide in this matter, there is always a measuring device and a sales representative in most stores that will happily assist you. There are instances that some people have their feet in different sizes or not symmetrical. In this kind of matter, they must wear the size that suits their larger foot.

Your feet must be measured every year. As years pass by, the size and shape of your feet will vary.

Know Your Purpose and Hit Your Style

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You must Identify what particular activity you will be partaking to determine the right shoes to wear. Hence, there are different types of shoes with a specific purpose. Here are some examples of shoe types designed for specific activities:

  • Boots. These are types of shoes that are usually suitable for work and any heavy outdoor activities. However, these days, most people used it as a means of fashion footwear.
  • Athletic shoes. These types of shoes are intended for distinct sports such as walking, running, and other kinds of sports.
  • Casual Shoes. These are types of shoes typically suited for formal events, and also for casual wear.

After knowing what style or type of shoes that are ideal for you, it is the time to look for it in the store.


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Pay attention to details when choosing and buying shoes. Look for a comfortable feature of specific shoes that offers the heel support and cushioning you need. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are considering comfort:

  • Shoes Must Provide Arch Support. Look for footwear that provides enough arch support. Our feet are responsible for carrying out load with every step we exerted in our daily lives. The arch of our foot works as both a balancing mechanism and a shock absorber, and providing the support it needs, will help to retain its healthy status.
  • Perfect Fit. Be assured of the shoe to fit perfectly on your feet. Though it might seem obvious, a shoe must have enough room for your foot to have comfortable rest. Also, make sure that it is not too tight, just enough for your foot to move.
  • Soft Vs. Firm Sole Shoes. On examining the sole of the shoe, it is better to have shoes with soft sole rather than the firm one. Those soft-soled shoes are usually more comfortable and quieter than inflexible, firm soles. On the other hand, hard-soled shoes can be very beneficial in mountaineering and backpacking.
  • Consider The Heel. Take some precaution on considering the heel height of a shoe. The lift of the heel in the women’s shoe raised the thought that it can give them a more graceful and thinner look. However, if it a cost, it may not be a good choice.

Choose a small, and wide heel. Having the heel broader and adjacent to the ground gives essential support for your ankles and heel, this is especially relevant for dress shoes or sandals.

Height exceeding more than 2 inches can inflate the risk of ankle strains.The higher the incline of the heel, the more effort or force you are  putting on your feet

  • Weight Does Matter. Lightweight shoes are more flexible and easy to move around and normally made up of high comfort materials. Thus, heavy shoes are less flexible and repress your movements.


It is helpful to bring some friends or anybody that will accompany you in shopping the ideal shoes for you. If no one’s available, you can also ask for the salesperson help as their trained to entertain any shoe-related matters.

Always keep in mind that don’t let the price trick you. It is better to pay a higher cost for a better quality one rather than a cheap, easy-to-break kind of shoe that is not good for your feet. Famous footwear promo codes can help you find quality footwear while still saving money.

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