We may not always think so because we are our own worst critics, but you have plenty of options for accentuating your face. Every individual has unique features and unique personal expression. Maybe you focus on your eyes or smile or hair. You can develop your signature beauty look in a number of ways, and once you’ve got it down pat, your self-confidence and appeal are hard to beat.

What’s Your Favorite?

Just about every person on the planet has a favorite facial feature, and once you’ve decided on that, you can begin accentuating your face. Maybe you really like your soft, clear skin. For others, it may be their almond-shaped eyes, their big smile or elegantly arched brows. Pick your best feature, and begin experimenting with ways to call attention to it.

The Eyes Have It

Accentuating your eyes can be done in a number of ways. One method, to begin with, is an eyelash curler. It sounds simple enough. Just curling your lashes for a few seconds can deliver bigger eyes and longer lashes. Add a few coats of mascara, and you’ve created a basic neutral eye. You can add a winged tip at the outer edge of the eyes with a colored pencil for a glamorous cat-eye. You can also opt for false lashes to really make your eyes pop. Most celebrity beauties are always wearing faux lashes on the red carpet, and they truly make a difference, say the experts. Kelli J. Bartlett, director of makeup artistry for Glamsquad, told the Washington Post that false lashes are brilliant at elongating the shape of the eye which changes the shape of the face.

Creating Sensual Lips

For some, it’s all about their lips, and most people favor a plump pout. Maybe that is why the aesthetic trend for sensual, full lips remains extremely popular. To achieve soft, kissable lips, exfoliation is your first step. Take a dry toothbrush and brush your lips. This clever technique gets the circulation pumping, starts subtle plumping and removes any dry skin cells to help your lipstick glide on smoother. Next, you’re going to line your lips with two lip pencils. Take the lightest colored pencil first and begin to overline the top lip just at the Cupid’s bow, and feather or fill them in slightly. Do not overline the rest of your lips because it will appear unnatural. Go lightly. Then, take a slightly darker lip pencil and go over the previous pencil lining for further emphasis and definition. Feather them in. To finish, apply a liquid gloss to the lips for the full results.

One, quick aesthetic treatment that’s turning heads is alip flip. Find one in your local area by searching for
something like “lip flip Kansas City.”

It gives you the look of naturally fuller lips with a few Botox injections around the upper lip. Botox allows the lip to roll forward, which makes it look fuller, especially when you’re smiling. That way, you don’t need to overline and fill in your lips every day. The effects can last for about three to four months.

Sculpting Wow Cheekbones

Bone structure is another way that can instantly place the spotlight on individual beauty. Some are blessed with high, full cheekbones, and all it takes to further show them off is with a little blush and highlighter on top of the cheekbones. A pearlescent finish is a lovely shimmer that naturally draws the eye to that glowing part of the face. Actress Jennifer Lopez is famous for enhancing her glow and amazing cheekbones. You can also choose dermal filler to accentuate your facial contours and add volume and lift to the cheekbone area.

Achieving Flawless Skin

You don’t need makeup to shine. To attain ageless, smooth skin, applying prescription Retin-A several times a week is a wise beauty investment. It is by far, the finest anti-aging topical for creating a radiant complexion with fewer lines and wrinkles, lesser sun damage, healthy-looking skin and barely visible pores. With Retin-A, be prepared to apply it for the long run. Its incredible effects build up over time. We all share unique beauty, and that makes the world an awesome place. Try our tips to bring out the best beauty in you!