The summer of 2021 is going to be slightly different than the summer of 2020. With the pandemic restrictions easing, there are going to be a lot more social events in the summer of 2021. With more social events being held this summer you will want to be aware of all the fashion trends, so here are five of the top fashion trends for the summer of 2021.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are typically t-shirts that show a bit of the abdomen. Some shirts are purposely made as crop tops, but you can also customize your shirts to make them crop tops. Similarly, cut-offs are also a popular trend for the summer with the sleeves cut off of your shirt.

These types of shirts are great for the summer because of the warm weather and the breathability they offer. In the summer most people opt for as little clothing as possible, and this checks that box. Not only will you be able to get a good tan while wearing these clothes, but you will also be able to stay cool.


While the pandemic restrictions are starting to ease around the country, masks may still be used as a fashionable accessory for some people. Of course, some individuals will wear masks to keep themselves safe from possible illness, but masks have provided a bit of versatility for one’s outfit. If you have a colorful mask that matches an outfit, then you may want to wear it out.

Masks being used as a fashion piece is much more normal now with the circumstances in our society, so do not be surprised if you see individuals wearing fashionable masks.

Short Shorts

Short shorts are a popular summer clothing item for men and women. There are multiple types of short shorts that are made to fit both men and women, and they can allow for your lower body to breathe during the warm weather. This piece of clothing is like the crop tops in the sense that it is a minimalist view of clothing.

Short shorts for men may not be the booty shorts that you see a lot of women wearing in the summer, but they are shorts that naturally sit above the knee. A lot of shorts now cover the knee or drop to right above the knee. These short shorts allow men to show off their quads a bit more and let their legs breathe more.


Sundresses are a fashion trend that is popular for women. This piece of clothing is typically popular most summers, but they are particularly fashionable for the summer of 2021. Summer sundresses are extremely comfortable and are great for breathability as they do not fit very tight to the body.

With the warm weather that will be present in the summer, this will provide breathability and it will also provide some color to your outfit. There are plenty of sundresses out there that come in a variety of colors and themes that can be great for any occasion.

The company Anthony’s produces a wide variety of sundresses for women of all ages. There are plenty of sizes, types, brands, and colors to choose from, and they are affordable. Most of the sundresses that Anthony’s offers are around $30, but there are some rather expensive dresses if you would like a more luxurious look.


Tracksuits are typically an outfit that consists of matching tops and bottoms. The color scheme for both the top and bottom are consistent and make it difficult to wear with any other clothing. Tracksuits are extremely comfortable to wear, but they may be a bit too warm for extreme heat.

Tracksuits may be suitable for summer workouts that you have or cooler summer days. Most tracksuits come with the option of a light jacket that would be perfect for warmer summer days, or a sweater that you could wear on the cooler days of the summer.


You will want to make sure that you are aware of all the fashion trends this summer. If you are planning on attending a lot of social events, then you will want to try and stand out with the top fashion choices this summer.