From pastel and soft to vibrant and vivacious, floral patterns come in various and endless combinations. Whether you like to dress smartly, or you prefer casual daywear, you can’t go wrong with floral pattern; or can you?

Styling floral patterns don’t require a master’s degree in fashion and design. However, you surely don’t want to walk around looking like a unicorn puked on you, do you? Even though floral patterns never go out of style, spring and summertime are ideal if you want to rock them. Knowing how to wear floral pattern is a thin line that separates looking like a fashion diva that has just stepped off the runway from a weirdo resembling a grandma’s garden.

Be age-appropriate

Certain floral prints suit younger population, while others suit older ladies more. Even though floral patterns don’t have an expiration date, age appropriateness depends on the fabric, texture, style and colour of the clothing item. This means that there are certain looks you should avoid. For example, the look you definitely want to stay away from is the “peer mum”, or worse “peer grandma”.

Peer mum/grandma is someone who looks as if they’ve dug through their (grand)daughter’s wardrobe. You don’t want to be described as someone who tries too hard to hold on to their youth. This doesn’t mean you should dress like grandma’s cabinet curtain either.

Instead of that, aiming at the ageless and sophisticated look is the way to go. Rather than wearing vibrant and dense prints, try something more abstract in mineral, gemstone or vegetable colours. On the other hand, smaller and natural flowers, in pastel or vivacious colours, suit younger ladies.

Mind the shape of your body

From baby to older lady, floral prints are always a favourite choice. Whether you opt for a cute top, stylish pants or fluffy scarf, floral pattern will look wonderful on you. However, some ladies may have doubts about floral patterns and their body shape. So, knowing how to wear floral print for your body shape is an important step when it comes to styling it.

On the other hand, clothes are purposely made to make you feel good about yourself. It doesn’t matter if a certain type of clothing doesn’t fit your body type by the rules of society. You don’t have to stop wearing floral prints because of that thanks to the endless shapes, colours and sizes of floral patterns.

For leaner and skinnier body types, to create the curvy look, wear large-scale spaced-out elements. Contrary, for bigger and thicker body shapes loose-fitted clothes with abstract flowers are a better option. Besides that, no matter what your body shape is, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing floral print clothes, floral accessories are always an excellent option to refresh the dull clothing combination.

Style it with a neutral outfit

Dressing in floral print from head to toe is a big no-no. Besides not being able to match two different patterns, you’ll look ridiculous. It doesn’t matter if you pick dense or spaced-out elements, large or small, or natural or abstract flowers, knowing what to pair your item of clothing with is crucial.

Believe it or not, floral patterns look amazing with neutral colours. Basic earthy and nude colours are essential in every fashionista’s wardrobe. No matter how excited you are for a sunny day, overwhelming everyone’s eyes with too much floral pattern is never a good idea.

Alternatively, pick a nude or earthy colour to tone down the liveliness of your floral piece of clothing. As those tones are wardrobe basics, there is no need for additional shopping. Styling floral pattern with a neutral outfit ensures harmony and balance in your style.

The look of a spring goddess

“Live wild, flower child”.  When it comes to channelling your inner flower child, styling your outfit and hair plays a major part in your look. Whether you’re getting ready for a spring photo shoot or you just want to impress the passer-by with your fresh style, opting for the floral pattern is always an exceptional choice.

For the look of the goddess of spring, pick a maxi dress with natural tones. The floral pattern shouldn’t be too dense. Going for natural flower print over abstract will give off a calm, beautiful vibe.

To add more charm to your look, consider making a flower crown with larger flowers to match those on your dress.  As large cities don’t have too much green area where wildflowers grow, you can order flowers online and decorate your hair with unique, fresh, native and wildflowers. The hairstyle alone is up to you. Everything goes marvellously with a maxi floral dress.

Mix and match

Even though matching two floral prints is rarely a good idea, styling your floral outfit with other patterns will be a true boom this season. A real fashionista knows that matching patterns gives your outfit a visible edgy sex appeal which is an absolute attention grabber.

If you’re daring enough, ditch the neutral, nude colours and grab the classic but stylish stripes from your wardrobe. Is there anything more refreshing and cuter than a well fitted black and white striped dress with a floral belt and shoes? Or a fancy floral maxi dress paired with a striped jacket? Possibilities are endless.

Besides stripes, you can match your floral pattern with polka dots. But make sure you don’t have more than three colours on your clothing. Looking like a circus clown isn’t ideal if you’re going for an afternoon walk. Don’t forget to add accessories to your outfit. Pick one shade on it and match the hat, bag and shoes accordingly.


Floral prints and charming and inspiring. With each unique pattern, you display your personality however you like it. However, styling floral pattern may seem like hard work. But if you follow basic tips and guides, you’ll have no trouble creating an extraordinary outfit. Following the latest trends isn’t crucial simply because the floral pattern is always in. The only important thing is to feel comfortable in your clothes, so rock that floral print, ladies!