The backyard is considered by many as a space that has little or no use for the homeowner. Some decide to extend their house into it and simply use it as an outdoor storage space, pilling it up with junk. However, a backyard should really be seen upon as an advantage and not as leverage on any kind. It has numerous functions just waiting to be discovered. Think of it as your very own part of nature in which you can truly be free to do what you wish. Lounging or playing sports are just two options, as there are many more to discover. In order to revive and truly transform this space, new features will have to be introduced. In most cases, this process is painless; as it won’t cost you too much nor will you have to break your back to install these features.

Make a fire pit

In order to maximize the number of daily hours, you can use the backyard, setting up a fire pit is an ideal solution for all the chilly nights. Its rim can be made from any kind of fireproof material, such as stone. The good thing about a DIY fire pit is the fact that you determine the size and the shape of it so it will surely fit inside your backyard. It can even be made mobile, so you can easily disassemble it when it is no longer needed and store its parts away for use next season.

Install garden screens

Nowadays, you don’t have to be especially crafty as hardware stores and garden centers have readymade garden screens and dividers. They can be found in different patterns and in different sizes. Their multifunctionality is the best thing about them. You can use them for privacy purposes, as your neighbors and passersby need not to know what goes on in your garden, so you can relax in peace. Furthermore, you can divide the garden into several areas or simply hide some clutter or other junk you don’t want people to see.

Bird feeders

Any activity you decide to take up in your garden is much easier with the twitter of birds as the background noise. They will probably fly in on their own once you turn your backyard into an oasis of greenery, but there is no reason not to show your appreciation by placing feeders. They can be tied to a tree or placed in other high places. Your children will be especially thrilled with their presence and they will be a source of entertainment and pleasure to the whole family. Just don’t forget to put seeds in them regularly.


Vegetable garden

Besides the greenery you will definitely want to plant, the backyard can have a more productive role. Why not go organic and plant your own vegetable garden? Even if you’re not a green thumb you are sure to enjoy growing your own vegetables. This way you will know what you are eating and all the vegetables will be readily available, saving you the trip to the store. Of course, you will have to make a small investment into garden accessories but once you make the first glass of cold-pressed carrot juice from your own garden, it will all be worthwhile.


The aforementioned fire pit will look nice at night but it is foremost a source of heat, not of light. You are going to need some kind of stronger lighting. One solution is to mount wall lamps or erect short lampposts in all corners of the backyard. However, the most stylish solution are lanterns. They can be hung on pretty much anything, from tree branches to wall pegs. The color and the pattern of the lampshades is entirely up to you and the choice of atmosphere you wish to create. In our opinion, the color red is something you cannot go wrong with.



Science had confirmed numerous times that the sound of water has a calming effect on the human nervous system. There is something about running water that makes us feel relaxed. This feeling is exactly what you are aiming for in your backyard, so introducing a water feature is simply a must. The common choice is the construction of a small fountain. Simply use the tap that is probably already there as the water source for your cascading fountain. If you are into landscaping, you can even make a small stream outflowing from it. The possibilities are really endless and depend only on your imagination and the budget.

Sculptures and statues

If you want your garden to be really classy, then sculptures and statues are an excellent solution. You can refurbish the ones you already have stored away someplace, ask your friends to donate or simply buy them at any of the numerous arts stores and depos. If you like art, then you will learn to appreciate the fact that you are the “censor” of your backyard, so place only the art forms you like and enjoy in. Seraphims or lions can be placed on the fountain as well since art and water go well since Roman times. Not only will they revive your backyard area, but they will serve as a great conversation starter when you throw a party or have friends over.

A hammock or a swing

Since the backyard is meant for relaxation, what better way to achieve this than by installing a hammock. They can be purchased from the local DIY center and stretched out between two trees or two poles erected especially for that purpose. Heck, they can even be tied to a pole of the washing line. If you are more active than a swing is a right choice. Once hung from a tree, the kids, and adults alike will spend many joyful hours in it. For safety reasons, just make sure it is attached well so it doesn’t come loose.

The features we listed here are bound to bring life into your backyard. If this area of your house is neglected right now, roll up your sleeves and start reviving it. It is neither too hard nor too expensive for any homeowner to attempt to do this.