Junya Watanabe, Louis Vuitton, and others unveiled new clothing with neon stripes on the runway for the men’s Paris fashion week. Although work wear always stood at the top of the pyramid, this year’s fashion week changed the entire outlook.

For over 100 years, leading companies like Carhartt was selling the workwear which is famous as the everyday waves. The bright construction T-shirts, Timberland boots, and neon accents were strictly for cops, bike messengers, and firefighters. However, this week’s fashion show saw the neon stripes found on a firefighter’s jacket make their entry into the world of high fashion.

The labels

As for the names, four brands displaying their collection in Europe for the 2018 Fall-Winter season debated with neon stripes inspired by the fireman jackets. These include Undercover, Heron Preston, Junya Watanabe, and Louis Vuitton. While Heron Preston is new and an upcoming brand, the others, who are well established in the menswear category have also changed the track to provide an out of the box approach to men’s fashion.

The well-established companies have always maintained a position and set the tone for the upcoming trend in the industry. When coming back to the introduction of the fireman jackets, all the brands, though, utilized 3M reflective tape, the approach to creating a trend differs widely. And when this happens, with Louis Vuitton and other biggies involved, irrespective of the provenance, they all look incredibly luxury when they have the respective tags attached.

Men’s Paris Fashion Week

The demand

Speaking of demand, regardless of the Paris men’s fashion week, the use of the neon stripes on the jackets are increasingly becoming popular. They are growing in numbers and at a high frequency. The best example that we can speak here is that of the jacket from Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, which is selling with fireman-adjacent 3M stripes. Another example is the New York Knicks, which released their City Addition jerseys with the reflective hits that are an inspiration from the NYFD dress code.

The best part

One of the critical factors about the workwear fashion is that you can pick up the best pieces at the low prices right now. For instance, Kohls short jacket that has the neon stripes is available at an unbelievable price. At the very moment, the fireman inspired jackets are the trend and red hot.

So, unless if you do not wish to be left out of the world of fashion or want to create a new statement for your workwear collection, adding fireman jackets is the right thing. All you would need is the right pick from the available brands and the colors. You can pick a short jacket or long, depending on the requirement.


This year’s Paris fashion week for men is seeing a turn around with new additions. These new introductions will change the way the current industry is following and pave a path for new collections that altogether vary how workwear was a decade ago. If you are in for a change, want something refreshing, and at the same time keep up with fashion – pick the fireman jacket!