Building muscle is not easy. Especially as one age, the muscle loss averages 5 to 7 pounds because of disuse.

One way to minimize muscle loss and maximize muscle building is by eating the right foods with the right nutrients, through a clever combination of foods in a diet plan, and/or by supplementation with formulated foods containing measured amounts of protein nutrients important for muscle building. Supplements like hgh energizer contain the protein L-arginine essential for protein synthesizing and nitric acid boosting, which again enhances blood (and therefore nutrient and oxygen) flow to the muscles.

Next, to water, protein is the essential macronutrient that directly contributes to muscle and bone building, body strength, metabolic function, and health, as well as keeping the immune system intact, primarily because proteins contain amino acids, including the 9 essential amino acids the body gets from the food we eat.

The best sources of complete proteins come from animal sources because they come along with the 9 essential amino acids. But animal protein is low in digestibility, which necessitates looking at other sources for muscle building. Grains, therefore, come as the other important source to consider.

What are grains and how are they important in muscle building?

Grains are the microcosm of life of an organism. Every essential nutrient, in fact over 26 nutrients and phytonutrients, is contained in a grain so that a new healthy plant can develop. Grains are rich in minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, selenium, the vitamins, fiber, and protein.

By the same logic, grains contain everything that the body requires for building muscles: Proteins, minerals, fiber, and vitamins.

Grains are low on the glycemic index, giving you a feeling of fullness for longer periods of time. They are also easy on digestion, and therefore absorption, which translates to higher muscle growth.

How do make a diet plan with grains?

You may imagine grains are not an attractive idea of a sumptuous meal but you’ll be surprised at their versatility that makes them blend easily into any cuisine and combination. Grains can even challenge your culinary skills as much as your workouts challenge your muscle building!

Your choice of grains should include slow-digesting whole grain portions of brown rice or whole wheat to endure sufficient energy during workout sessions and for the rest of the day.

Another option is to add ‘ancient grains’ like quinoa, barley, freekeh, farro etc. Ancient grains are great storehouses of nutrients, having compositions that have remained unaltered for centuries. In ancient civilizations, they were used to good effects, like by the ancient Roman Army. No wonder they are called super-foods. Quinoa, for example, provides all the nine essential amino acids that the body requires, including Lycine, which repairs broken tissue.

Even with your normal diet plan of meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products and grains, you might miss out on some essential ingredients. For that, one solution might lay in formulated supplements like hgh energizer, which will fill the gap where your normal diet left out. Fact is, with great meals, and supplements, come great muscles.