This summer, the colors have been the focus of attention in the fashion and even the fall is very “colorful”, but often we happen to make small mistakes in the choice of color combinations getting much out of the results, here’s a little help to avoid colorful “slips” …

Often, because of the rush or simply too rely on our personal tastes happen to open the closet and put the first thing we find not even realize that we give much the impression of being dressed in some “clownish”, other sometimes, when maybe we pause a bit ‘more in the clothing choice or we have an important appointment, opening the wardrobe we begin to ask ourselves questions like: what colors I can use together? What streamline colors? What should I avoid?

Here are some answers that can be of great help. Starting with the choice of colors we begin by saying that black is the color par excellence “slims”, is always elegant, refined and fashion; you can be combined with all other colors and can be worn on every occasion. For a special evening you could opt for a black dress, perhaps the classic sheath dress back very fashionable, and red or golden shoes accompanied by the same hue bag.

Even the white as black is a color that goes with everything , great in the summer, it is very feminine and remembers the purity, a casual style that will surely have worn more than once is the classic jeans with T-shirts or perfect white shirt if joined purse or backpack of the same color the blue motorcycle is well with the white and goes with all its shades , light from light blue to deep blue, also it can be combined with the purple, green and orange, from avoid pairing with red and yellow, about the latter, which is the color of energy, it is a difficult color to match as it is very bright, very good with light green, pale orange or peach color, to avoid pairing with blue and red.

The perfect look for spring, for example, can be a yellow top with clear and yellow wagtail’s jeans.

The red that always evokes passion and love is a color four seasons, it goes well with shades of the same family such as pink, purple and orange, red easier to match those of the cone from the darkest shades, avoid pairing with yellow, blue and green Finally green if it has soft colors can be matched with blue and yellow, red, purple and orange best to keep them away from this color.

After the obstacle combination colors you now need to face the obstacle matching accessories, for example it is important to know that to be the must-T should be the same color belt, bag and shoes.

However, if the belt is not wearing the pairing has to be done between shirts and shoes or if you wear a full match the colors of shoes and bag.

If you would prefer to enhance and create attention to the winning idea it is to remember the color of that object with a little of the same color accessories such as a bracelet or a necklace of just a detail such as a golden shoe or a red bag,.

If we are sports and we like to wear shirts patterned, shoes and accessories must be in line respecting more or less the same color shirt.

Even combined make up the color of the clothes is very fashion especially in clothing evening.