Sure, Christmas might be behind us, but that’s not the only gift giving period. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and birthdays happen all year round. So, if you exhausted all your present ideas during Christmas, here are a few that will bring joy to your BF no matter his lifestyle and preferences.

For a sporty guy

If your SO is into all sorts of sports and physical activities, use that to your advantage and surprise him with a sporty gift. You can always go for some stylish workout clothes or a small piece of workout gear (you can’t go wrong with resistant bands, jumping ropes or foam rollers). On the other hand, if he’s more into watching than actually doing sports, game tickets will be the perfect gift for him. Accompany him to a game even if you don’t enjoy the sport—the happy look on his face will be so worth it!

For a hipster boyfriend

Buying gifts for your hipster boyfriend can truly be a chore. He probably has a very specific taste and he doesn’t hesitate to invest in himself. But if you take a good look at his interests, you’ll always find something that will hit the spot. For instance, if he loves to look fashionable, get him a stylish messenger bag or a cashmere scarf. Hipsters who love to be pampered will enjoy a quality beard kit. Still, make sure the box contains a safety razor or a stylish shavette in case he decides to ditch his beard and try a clean-shaven look!

For a geek

If you know your boyfriend loves all things geeky, don’t hesitate to surprise him with something connected to his passion. Maybe he’s a comic book fan that would love to own his favorite Hot Toys superhero figurine and display it in his study. You can find everything from DC and Marvel characters to various other movie and TV show heroes and prop replicas. Plus, all of their collectibles are super lifelike and look great on every shelf! Finding an original poster for his favorite movie is also a gift he’s going to love, and you can even go a step further and track down a rare comic book edition.

For a cook

If cooking is his passion, not only are you super lucky because you don’t have to think about making dinner, but you can also find a variety of amazing gifts he’d like. Hit the bookstores and get him a specialized cookbook with gourmet recipes you know he wants to try out. Investing in some new cookware is also a great idea, but if you don’t know anything about pots and pans, you can opt for a chef’s apron or a set of handmade olive oil pourers. Tear-free onion goggles from Amazon are also a great gift that will not only make you laugh, but also provide him with a more comfortable onion chopping experiences!

For a tech addict

It’s always safe to get a tech addict something to feed his addiction. You can make his life easier with an Amazon Echo Plus personal assistant that will answer all of his questions, make lists, state the weather and play his fave music. Sporty techies will surely love a new Fitbit to track everything from their runs to their sleep patterns. If you want something cute and small, a personal Bluetooth fan will keep him cool while he plays games on his PC. You can also invest in an anti-fatigue mat to go with his standing desk. It will reduce the tension and fatigue connected with standing and make him relaxed throughout the day.

These thoughtful gifts are perfect for any occasion and will definitely put a smile on his face and earn you plenty of hugs and kisses!